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Mon 20 Jul 2015

Hello :)

Hey peeps!   So I’ve now been president of Brighton’s student union for 2 weeks and a day! (Thanks...
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Union President democracy | spokesperson | leadership • Provides leadership for executive officers and works on policy • Ensures that students inform everything the Union does • Represents the Union at a local and national level • Works with the Chief Executive on Union strategy • Engages the University on the matters that are important to students

This section will list all of the ideas submitted by Hayley to be discussed at Union Council. These can be events, campaigns or changes that the officer thinks the SU should be working on.
My Aims: Transparency and Communication I believe that it is vital that students are aware of what is happening within the Student’s Union, who is doing what and how it will benefit you as students. I would like to see a more transparent union, alongside a student leadership team that is open and welcoming to all students and in particular, accessible to all students across all campuses. Inclusivity and Fairness I want to ensure that services provided by the University are uniform across all campuses. This would include; free student transport, increased library opening hours and developed facilities. Every student is equal and their location should not mean they receive less than other students. It is also extremely important to me that all groups of students are treated equally and fairly and I will ensure that all students have access to the same information and resources. Developing Student Communities I sincerely think that a strong sense of community within our university is extremely important. I want to work with students to make their campus a place they enjoy being. The Student’s Union should aid your experiences, through community events after Freshers, that give students an opportunity to meet new people and make friends which I believe is valuable for all students. The Student’s Union is nothing without its students and these elections give you the chance to choose how its run! I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Please email me at