My name is Cat and I am your VP campus Development officer at Brightons’ Students Union.

I am originally from Denmark and I have lived in the UK for 6 years now. I recently graduated University of Brighton with a batchelor in International Event Management and am hoping to start my masters next year in either Marketing or Law.

I loved my time at University of Brighton and I will do my absolute best representing you guys the next year, making sure that you get the most out of your time at the University as well.

Cat Bach

Mon 09 Jan 2017

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Hi everyone and welcome back. I hope those of you who celebrates Christmas has a lovely Christmas and that all...
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Fri 02 Dec 2016

NUS Sustainability Summit.

On Monday the 7th November I began my journey to my first NUS Student Sustainability Summit in Newcastle. We arrived...
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Thu 20 Oct 2016

Plans for the next couple of months

Thought I would update you all on what I am getting up to for the next month or two and...
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Tue 30 Aug 2016

House Hunting Fairs

Guess what…. It is that time of the year again!! Now that you have gotten your A-level results and...
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Tue 09 Aug 2016

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone, My name is Cathrine and I am your VP Campus Development officer. I am so excited to see...

communities | media | facilities • Makes accommodation and university facilities better for students • Works with campus and halls reps to create thriving student communities across all areas of the University • Supports the student media services • Oversees the SU cafes and shops

This section will list all of the ideas submitted by Cat to be discussed at Union Council. These can be events, campaigns or changes that the officer thinks the SU should be working on.


’Vote Cat, it is as simple as that!’ My name is Cathrine and I am a fourth year International Event Management student living in Eastbourne. I am usually known as Cat and I am a part of the Eastbourne Campus Action Team (CAT), the student cooperative (BSCoop) and I was the Eastbourne campus rep last year. I have recently finished my placement year and I am now back to finish my degree.

I am an international student, originally from Denmark and have, been in the UK for 7 years; I therefore know about the hassle of moving from one country to another. I also know of the confusion of not being based in Brighton, but one of the smaller campuses and the stress that revolves around student finance and other important aspects of starting University. I therefore think that my personal experiences of how it was for me when I started university and the move from another country to the UK will benefit the development we can create from the outset and throughout of the student experience to get the sense of belonging on all campuses from day one.

If elected this will be my fifth year working with students. Since the end of my first year I have worked for the Students’ Union Eastbourne and since the beginning of my second year I have been a supervisor at The Starting Gate. Working behind the bar I have throughout the years discovered much about student wants and needs in Eastbourne, Brighton and Hastings. With my work on ’Best bar none’ I worked across campuses, and I got an insight in what each campus sees as important to their overall student experience. My expertise is within community development, students wellbeing and events. I am currently doing work on big Eastbourne events like ’The Garden Party’ and previously ’The Holly Ball’, and I think that University Brighton can benefit by developing more cross campus events to create this sense of belonging.

My focus will be on engaging the CAT teams on each campus to increase the feel of unison in an otherwise split campus. These meetings will be run on a regular basis and consist of regular visits by sabbatical officers to supervise a more togetherness overall on the campuses. This can also be enhanced by cross campuses events like ’Freshtival’ and other activities throughout the year.

Lastly I think that all campuses can develop by creating a better understanding between students and local residents. By strengthening the reputation on each campus, this may increase opportunities for students to do work opportunities in their local communities and strengthening the bond between students and the local residents.