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University of Brighton's E-Sports Society brings competitive and casual gaming to the students of Brighton University in titles such as LoL, Valorant, Among Us, and many more!



Join the Brighton E-Sports Society - Where Gaming Comes to Life!

Are you a passionate gamer or e-sports enthusiast looking for a vibrant community to connect with at the University of Brighton? Look no further! The Brighton E-Sports Society welcomes you with open arms to dive into the world of gaming like never before.

Who We Are: The Brighton E-Sports Society is a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the diverse world of gaming and e-sports at the University of Brighton. We are a group of passionate gamers who come together to share our love for all things gaming.

What We Offer (Tournaments and Competitions): Test your skills in thrilling tournaments and showdowns across a wide range of games. From heart-pounding e-sports battles to laid-back party games, we've got it all.

Casual Game Nights: Join us for laid-back and enjoyable Casual Game Nights that provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and have a blast with fellow gamers. It's all about having a blast with fellow gamers.

Pub Meet-ups: Enjoy some downtime at our pub meet-ups, where you can relax, chat, and share gaming stories over a couple of drinks.

Stay Connected: Join our Discord server, your gateway to the latest updates on upcoming events, find gamers and become part of our active gaming community. https://discord.gg/H3U3VzbzjN

Social Media: Stay in the loop through our social media channels, where we share gaming news, highlights, and society updates.

Inclusivity Matters: We're proud to be an inclusive community. We host dedicated tournaments and events for women and non-binary gamers, ensuring that everyone feels valued and represented in our society.

Contact Us: Have questions or ideas? Reach out to us on social media, via email, or simply drop us a message on Discord. We're here to listen and make your gaming experience exceptional.

Join Us Today: At the Brighton E-Sports Society, gaming is more than just a hobby; it's a way of life. So whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your gaming journey, come be a part of our ever-growing gaming community. We can't wait to meet you, game with you, and have an unforgettable time together.

Let's level up together! See you in the game!





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