Societies Association

The ‘Societies Association’ is the official term for the collection of societies at Brighton Students’ Union and the Societies Association Policy & Guidelines outline the rules and regulations all societies must follow.

The aims of the Societies Association are:

  • to promote inclusivity in all societies
  • to provide oppertunity for students to gain employability skills
  • to encompass student feedback in all things societies

Shaping the Societies Association

To ensure that the legislation and support for societies is continually up-to-date and effective, a group of society committee members are elected each year. These Society Association Officers represent their society category in discussions around a range of topics related to societies, following the Societies Review.

This feedback is taken by the VP Activities to the Societies Team who make changes where possible to best reflect what the students’ have said, which sometimes means taking a proposal to the Trustee Board who decide whether or not to make the amendments.

Becoming a Societies Association Officer

There are 8 different Societies Association Officer positions; each representing a different category of societies and the role description can be downloaded here

To become a Societies Association Officer, you must have been a committee member for at least 3 months in one of the societies in the category and you can only stand for 1 role per election

Every core society committee member will be allowed a single vote for their corresponding representative

If no-one steps forward for one of the positions, Brighton SU will approach the Presidents of the societies in that category and ask one of them to fill the place.

The Societies Development Review

So that all societies have a chance to feedback to their representative, the development cycle is published in advance of the meetings. This development cycle is called 'The Societies Review'

The Officers

Below are the current Societies Association Officers

Elected Position

Academic Officer

  • To be elected in March 2020

Culture Officer

  • To be elected in March 2020

Faith & Spirituality Officer

  • To be elected in March 2020

Lifestyle Officer

  • To be elected in March 2020

Skill-based Officer

  • To be elected in March 2020

Societies Association Elections


No elections are currently running