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College vs University: How are they different?

Firstly, if you’re reading this - congratulations on being accepted into the University of Brighton and starting this month! All your hard work through your A Levels has paid off, and you’ve got into University to begin the next stage in your education.

It’s an exciting and daunting time, all wrapped up into one exhilarating experience. We’re here to help you bridge the gap transitioning from one to the other, so don’t worry help is at hand. This blog covers the differences of college and University and what you can expect, so that when you start your new term in a couple of weeks you’re the most prepared new student in the room.


Expect more independence

This is both a blessing and a curse at times – you need to be on your A-game and really self motivated. At college your tutors will chase you for deadlines, send you constant reminders, and nudge you every time you see them, where as at University don’t be surprised if you get told a deadline once and expected to remember to hand it in in 3 months’ time.

Although lecturers are there to help you, at University you’re expected to manage your own time and be your own boss. They will encourage you to do as much independent study and reading as possible so that you understand the subject and come in ready to raise your hand and ask questions. However, we have lots of helpful study materials and planners to help you do this. Come along to our Freshers’ Fairs to find out more.

Deadlines can last all year

It is normal to be given very long periods of time to complete your assignments. We suggest gathering all the dates at the start of term, and keeping a tracker so that you can tick them off as you go and not have any surprises at 9pm before you realise an essay is due the next morning (yes, this does happen).

Your new campus will be a lot bigger

No surprises here, but your University campus will be a lot bigger than you’ve previously been used to and spread across multiple areas in the city. At Brighton, you cover near enough the whole city with Falmer, Moulsecoomb and Grand Parade! Generally, the campuses cater for a specific collective of courses so you won’t be travelling a lot, but there will be times you’ll need to so consider learning the free UB1 timetable, or investing in a Brighton & Hove bus pass.

Come and go as you please

There are resources available at your disposal as and when you need them – this includes libraries, printing services, canteens, sports halls, and more. You will have a timetable, but it’s not uncommon to have 2, 3 or even 4 hours breaks in between seminars, so figure out the best use of your time in between.

City Campus students – you’re lucky to be right by the seafront so make use of this and enjoy some downtime. Moulsecoomb and Falmer campuses are surrounded in beautiful nature so you can get some fresh air and take a relaxing break between lectures. Eastbourne students, you have a wide range of sporting facilities including a pool in the heart of Hillbrow. Utilise these facilities to stay active and have some

downtime from studying.

Learn more than just your course

University gives you the opportunity to explore so much more – we have societies, sports clubs, language workshops, employability workshops, and some courses have a placement year in that industry. The idea is that you’ll come out of University with tons of new skills and experiences, that aren’t just attributed to your degree.

Diverse students and age ranges

At Brighton we have students from 18 – 60, although the majority will be 18 – 25. We have mature students so expect to be joining your new course with people of all backgrounds.

Your new term

So, term starts on the 23rd September - we hope that you’re as excited as we are. It’s new beginnings for over 4,000 new students, some of whom will become your best friends throughout University and beyond. Stay in the loop with all of the events, activities, and socials going on throughout Freshers’ here and come to our Freshers Fairs’ to sign up to any societies and sports clubs you want to join.

Good luck!


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