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Alan Fitzpatrick

Appearing at:

Boundary Festival

British DJ and producer Alan Fitzpatrick is known for his hard but commanding style of big-room techno. Since the late 2000s, Fitzpatrick has been releasing tracks on labels like Drumcode, Bedrock, and Cocoon which combine steady, booming beats with melodic tones informed by the energy of early rave music. Highly popular with clubbers around the world, he has played lengthy, energetic DJ sets at countless clubs and festivals, with regular appearances at Ibiza and major venues like Fabric and Tresor. His best-known tracks include 2012's luminous "Skeksis" and 2016's storming "We Do What We Want" (which kickstarted his own We Are the Brave imprint). Also in 2016, he released an acclaimed mix CD, Fabric 87.

Over the next half-decade, he released dozens of singles on a variety of respected labels, including Cocoon and Hotflush, but mostly on Drumcode, which also put out his debut artist album, Shadows in the Dark, in 2010. Much in demand as a remixer for the likes of Róisín Murphy and Leftfield, he also became an acclaimed DJ, playing all over the world, known for the party atmosphere of his groove-laden sets. Bald, burly, and tattooed, he was an intimidating presence behind the decks, but was loved by clubbers for his cheeky, playful mien. He became a resident at Fabric, the influential London nightclub where he had spent many a night on the dancefloor, and in 2016 released his first mix album, Fabric 87, an installment of the club's long-running series. He also launched a label called We Are the Brave with the anthemic "We Do What We Want," which became a huge festival hit. Subsequent Fitzpatrick tracks on the imprint included "They All Called 'Em Garys" and "El Jefe" (with Sasha). The producer also made an appearance on Unknown to the Unknown with 2018's System Addict. 11:11 the Awakening, a seven-track EP, was released on We Are the Brave in 2019.