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Benny L

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Boundary Festival

Benny’s musical mission actually dates back to 2011, when he moved to Bristol to study music production. It was here he met the Mediks, an AudioPorn-signed crew comprising Dan Goudie, Ross Burr and Rob Talbot, who, as Astronaut and Dodge & Fuski, would go on to found and develop the hugely successful LA-based dubstep behemoth Disciple. Together, they made ‘Speakers Vibrate’, which pricked the ears of label founder, ex-Ram Trilogy member and all-round d&b OG Shimon, who has since spent the last five years supporting and guiding Benny. He’s released his formative EPs such as ‘Walrus’, ‘Appleroids’ and ‘Thunder’, made sure his dubs were shared with the right selectors, and that his releases landed on key labels as well as his own AudioPorn. Labels such as Metalheadz, with whom he’s released two substantial EPs and is about to drop another long-awaited dub ‘Vantablack’, and genre godfather Randall’s Mac II imprint.

Now currently aiming for debut album level, another chapter beckons for Benny, who was nominated for Breakthrough Producer at DJ Mag's 2018 Best Of British awards and won Best Breakthrough in last year’s Drum&BassArena Awards. Inspired by Dillinja’s Cybotron project and classic concept albums played by his parents as he grew up, he explains how he wants the LP to suck you in and soak you up as a whole body of work. His respect for classic album craft mirroring his old school d&b ethic, he already has a concept in mind and is at the very early sketching stages. But keep your trigger fingers away from the DMs for now. Something tells us there’ll be a bit of a wait... and Benny’s more than happy with that. 

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