Brighton Students' Union Awards is a student-led volunteering and teaching awards that celebrate the people and practices which add real value to the quality of university life. We are seeking to put a spotlight on and champion the outstanding contributions students and university staff make to the quality and fabric of university life.  

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The Brighton Students’ Union (BSU) Inspirational Student Experience Awards 

This set of awards enable you to nominate academic and professional services staff that have had a positive impact on your experience at the University over the last academic year. 


Inspirational and Motivational Teaching or Support Award

Gemma Graham - School of Applied Social Sciences - Feedback and Academic Support

Gemma has been nominated due to making lectures stimulating and funny, as well as always being engaging and supportive to their students, even under the difficult circumstances this year.

Bhavik Patel – School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences - Inclusive Practice Award

Bhavik has been nominated due to engaging students in an inclusive manner both in their classes and in the wider community, such as the anti-racism forums.

Khuong Nguyen – School of Computing, Engineering and Maths - Innovative Teaching Award

Khuong has been nominated due to the inspiring and engaging knowledge and passion they have for using innovative technologies in their teaching.


Support Staff Award

Academic Quality & Standard Team – Academic Services

The Academic Quality and Standards Team have been nominated due to embedding the student voice while developing new regulations and policies to ensure students have not been disadvantaged due to the pandemic. 

Course Leader of the Year

Patricia Fordham – School of Health Sciences

Patricia has been nominated due to being a supportive and enthusiastic course leader, as well as championing varied teaching and assessment techniques on their course. 





The Brighton Students’ Union (BSU) Society & Volunteer Awards 

This set of awards enable you to nominate societies and Students' Union volunteers in the following categories: 


Volunteer of the Year

Sam McNeff - BSc (Hons) Nursing (Child) Rep & Nursing Society Committee Member

Sam has been nominated due to her commitment to being President of the Nursing Society by creating a supportive experience and organising mental health focused events for nursing students, and her ongoing work as a Course Rep. 

New Society of the Year

Bar Society

This new society has gained 27 members and hosted 7 events this year, including employability sessions such as CV and Cover Letter writing, as well as having some high-profile speakers at their welcome event. They have reached Established in the BSU Society Accreditation Scheme and have also won the Society of the Month award in February. 

Society Fundraiser of the Year

Bangladeshi Society

The Bangladeshi Society raised £2197 for Maa Charity. Fundraising individually and collaboratively, some members made handmade crochet keyrings to sell while others set targets to reach each week which were added to a leader board. The Society raised £1000 which won them Best Institutional Newcomers Maa Award. The money raised provides crucial funding for Maa to continue running health camps for mothers and young women in rural areas of Bangladesh. 

Society of the Year

British Sign Language Society

Their Christmas Campaign raised £945 for SignHealth Charity. BSL created a synchronised music video of members signing ‘Silent Night.’ After many hours of rehearsal, recording and editing (thank you Ben), they premiered their masterpiece as the grand finale to their Christmas Event. 

Society Event of the Year

Occupational Therapy Society

The committee arranged 2 placement check-in events for 2 different cohorts. They applied their own experiences to help create events that promoted community and support. This event provided a space where students could support one another, share ideas and experiences. The committee identified that the start of Placement can be a highly stressful and emotional time, so this event meant that the students were able to access some supportive and familiar faces. The events were held via Zoom scheduled during the first week of the student's placement. This event was arranged and scheduled specify at a time that society knew that their members needed supports and community. 

Virtual Valiant Award

Psychology Society

Psychology Society have hosted 60 virtual events across the year including a virtual event every single week this past year without fail. The committee has defined their members needs and then delivered the virtual space and diversity of events to meet these needs. There is always something for everyone! 

Inspiring Hope Award

Sound of Zion Society

Sound of Zion created a masterpiece! The fact that 18 members of the choir had to record sound individually and harmonise remotely, yet make it sound as though they are together is living proof of unity itself. Each person rehearsed and recorded their parts, then many hours of editing brought them together seamlessly. The pure happiness that shone out of each member whilst performing their part for this song could not fail to bring a smile to anyone's face. Their beautiful voices mesmerised us with every lyric of this Kirk Franklin’s cover - I Smile. The song itself is one of hope and strength, accepting that things are tough but asking us all to please stay positive, do not give up, have faith and thing will get better. 

Undergraduate Rep of the Year

Sam McNeff - BSc (Hons) Nursing (Child) Rep

Sam has been nominated due to supporting students through placements as well as representing students’ views at a course, school, university and national level. 

Postgraduate Rep of the Year

Sean Heath - PhD Sport and Service Management Rep & Student Trustee

Sean has been a fantastic rep, working tirelessly to represent the views of his peers. He has managed to create several changes, including the development of a more consistent approach to teaching opportunities. Sean has also been a Trustee on the Union’s Trustee Board overseeing the work of the union and making sure that it works in the interests of students. 

Recognition Awards

African Caribbean Society

This year the African Caribbean Society has supported the Union with several its campaigns including supporting our work around Black Lives Matter and Race Equity and helping us to celebrate Black History Month across the University.

LGBTQ+ Society

The LGBTQ+ Society worked closely with the Students’ Union to organise LGBTQ+ History Month this year. They organised several magnificent events and helped publicise it online.

Ecological Society

The Ecology Society have had a fantastic year running several online events throughout the year to promote sustainability. They have also supported BSU campaigns around sustainability.

Debate Society

The debate society have been excellent at collaborating with other societies this year. They have also run several brilliant events to keep their members engaged thought-out the year.

Mature Students’ Society

The mature student's society have run regular online meet ups for their members to attend throughout the pandemic. They have managed to keep holding events to support their members during the lockdown including coffee mornings and games nights.

Honorary Lifetime Membership to Brighton Students' Union

Jenny George

Jenny worked for Brighton Students’ Union for 24 years from 1994 until 2020. Jenny has been the face of the Students’ Union at the Moulsecoomb campus supporting students and societies from her office in Cockcroft. She is remembered with great affection by all the past students, officers and staff that she worked with.

Di Lace

Di worked for Brighton Students’ Union for 45 years from 1975 until 2020. That is nearly half the entire time that BSU has existed. Di has supported thousands of Eastbourne students during their studies and is a revered figure on the campus. Di’s performances in Dance Rivals will go down in BSU folklore and her infectious smile and laugh will be remembered by all the students and staff that she met.

John Smith

John Smith leaves the University this year after 6 years as the Head of the School of Education. During his time leading the school of education, the school won BSU’s School of the Year Award 2 years in a row which is no coincidence as he actively promoted the student voice in all aspects of the School. He advocated on behalf of students in his own school, and across the University recognising the importance of feedback at all levels.

Amanda Bright

Amanda Bright has been the Head of the School of Art for the last 5 years. During this time Amanda has worked closely with the Students’ Union to help improve the student's experience within the school and across the University. She has embedded the student voice in all decision making and has gone above and beyond during the past year to assist students.

Ramy Badrie

Ramy has been the Vice President Education for the last two years. He has worked tirelessly to improve the student experience during his time in officer. He has developed excellent relationships across the university and student population and has been successful in campaigning for key changes such as lecture capture. Over the past year he has been at the forefront of the No Detriment and Safety net lobbying which has made a genuine difference to students throughout the University. In addition, he has spread the Brighton student voice on a national level through his membership on the Office for Students student panel and been invited to speak at numerous events.