ATTENTION boys and Ghouls! you are invited to The Big Halloween House Party our BIGGEST event of this year!


You are invited to the Big Halloween House Party - our BIGGEST event this year. Let's face it, this year hasn't been the best for events, which is why we have been working super hard on bringing the most interactive yet safe event. YES, THAT'S RIGHT, THE CELEBS ARE COMING TO YOU....

This event will be taking place on Hallowseve.....Will you make it out alive?

All you need to do is gather your housemates and buy a group ticket costing ONLY £30 - JUST £5 EACH IF THERE ARE 6 PEOPLE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD

Tickets are limited so make sure you get in quick... Choose your team name and enter your house address and you will receive a special delivery containing a mystery box. This box will contain everything you need to join in with the house party...



> Purchase tickets as a household and play along with Jordan Davies and David Potts live.

> We DELIVER YOU A BOX OF spooktacular GOODIES before the event containing everything you need as a household to play along... What's in the box?! Well you'll have to find out when you sign up and luckily for you we are having a FLASH SALE so grab your household tickets now.

> What's more, as you play along live, we will be KNOCKING on YOUR DOOR with goodies. That's right Jordan Davies or David Potts will be running around Brighton knocking on your door there and then (we could say trick or treating, but they're bringing the treats!). Will it be your house?

Wear your best costumes, stock your cupboards, grab a takeaway and crack open the drinks because Halloween is right around the corner!


- Delivery only available to Brighton and Sussex

- If your house is in lockdown have no fear we will still be able to deliver from a distance

- Eastbourne students will receive a gift voucher with their prize