What is an All Student Question?

If Union Council can’t decide on a Change It idea, whether that’s a campaign the Union should run or a project we should work on, we open up the decision to the entire student body. This means that every student at the University of Brighton will get to have their say on the decision, we do this so that we are only working on the issues that matter most to you, our members.

How many votes does the All Student Question need for the idea to pass?

As long as 200 people vote in the All Student Question a simple majority is enough to make the idea Union Policy.  For example if 200 people vote, with 101 people voting for the idea and 99 people voting against the idea, the idea would pass and become Union Policy.

What happens if people vote against an idea?

If the majority of people vote against an idea, the idea falls. This means that the idea won’t become Union Policy. However, the idea can be tweaked and improved and resubmitted one more time to the Change It page, If the idea falls a second time, it cannot be resubmitted again that academic year.

What happens when an Idea becomes Union Policy?

Once an idea becomes policy the Union will assign a Sabbatical Officer, a member of staff and any other resources required, to turn that idea into a reality. The SU will then provide regular updates to explain how we are progressing.

Current All Student Questions:

There are no referenda running at the present time.

How do I vote?

Please log in to the website in the top right hand corner. A 'Vote Now' button will then appear at the bottom of the page.