Every year of every course at Brighton  has at least one Course Representative and in total there are more than 1,000 Course Reps at the University of Brighton and Partner Colleges

Course Reps are an essential link between students and staff. By finding out their fellow students views about the course and then discussing these views with staff—both informally and at staff/student meetings, Course Reps ensure that the university takes  into account the views of students and help improve and develop their course.

To find out more about being a Course Rep, take a look at this Course Rep Role Profile

How to become a Course Rep

Course Reps are elected at the begining of the academic year, your Course Leader should discuss the role with your course and ask for people to nominate themselves at the beginning of term. There should then be an informal election to vote on who should become the Course Rep, if the course is large the role is often shared.

New Course Reps

If you have just been appointed as a Course Rep take a look at this years Course Rep Handbook with advice on getting started and book yourself onto one of this years Course Rep Training

Any Questions?

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