The Union President provides a leadership role in engaging and representing the needs of students at the University and will provide feedback of the students’ views to the Students’ Union at planning and other meetings to enhance the student experience. The Union President will provide support to the Vice Presidents of the Union in the fulfilment of their roles. The President is the Union’s lead representative on the University’s Board of Governors, and serves as Brighton SU’s lead spokesperson with external media. The Union President will be mandated to go to any NUS conference.


Our Union President - commonly known as Smithy due to an uncanny resemblance to James Corden – is an Eastbourne student and Sports Journalism graduate. He’s a keen Rugby player and was the President of the Rugby team during Uni. He’s an approachable, friendly face that you’ll frequently see around campus.

Fun facts about Smithy: Smithy grew up in France and is fluent in French, he’s a massive Disney fan and his go-to karaoke song is Mambo No. 5.