Parker, Vice President Campus Development


To ensure effective communications and engagement across all campuses and to lead on all issues pertinent to the university and local community. To provide leadership in student led media initiatives. To ensure all campuses receive fair and equal access to the services and activities of the Students’ Union. To provide a key student representation link with external community groups. To lead the development of and participation in a range of volunteering initiatives on the campuses.

About Me

Parker is a recent graduate from the course of visual culture, based in grand parade. During his time at the university, he was heavily involved in the LGBTQ+ Society and championed causes for the community. Under the academic experience remit, he is aiming to make the university have a more consistent, high quality, approach to educating students, who can say happily that they got their monies worth.

Fun Fact About Parker

He actually likes the font comic sans. Please send debating points to p.j.robinson@brighton.ac.uk