Student Voice

Out in Sport is a campaign created by NUS, looking closely at homophobia in sport across universities.

Their findings were as follows:

  • Almost half of those at college and university who do not participate in any sport (46.8%)
  • The culture of sport can feel alienating and 41.9% said they had a negative experience at school which has meant that they don’t want to get involved.
  • Only a third (34.6%) LGBT students at college or university participate in organised team sport.
  • 1 in 7 (14.3%) said that homophobia, biphobia, or transphobia had put them off participating in sport.
  • Many LGBT students (37.8%) who do take part in sport are not open about their sexuality with teammates or coaches.



Sport is a huge part of university life however we need to engage more students. LGBT+ students should feel comfortable and safe when participating in sport and should have the same opportunities at university. Sport Brighton reach over 8,000 students at the university, this number could dramatically increase if we change people attitudes towards homophobia and also make the LGBT+ community aware of the work we are doing.  

Throughout this year Brighton Students’ Union will create:

  • A banner campaign, collecting signatures from students from sports teams. In doing this they show their support and commit to zero tolerance to any homophobic or transphobic attitudes and behaviour, verbal or physical. Also to support total inclusiveness to all the members regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, as per the ethos of our SU. 
  • Provide more mixed gender sporting options, including a summer football tournament.
  • Sports facilities being gender neutral, facilities should be built with the express purpose of being inclusive to all.
  • Inform and educate sports teams and encourage them to wear rainbow laces at Varsity or throughout the year in showing their support to the campaign.