Question of the Month is a new initiative by the Students' Union to help us have at least 4000 face to face conversations with students. We’re doing this so that we can really understand the issues effecting students today and shape our services to better suit your needs. This way we’re making sure we’re a Union that truly reflects the beliefs of our members and so you might be able to put names to faces when you see us around too!

For February, we spoke to students about the Students' Union Academic Priorities. Our main question was, "Did you know the Students' Union campaigns on a range of academic issues that affect our members?" followed by others including, "Were there any additional costs for your course you weren't aware of before you started, such as printing?" and "If you have a placement, have you been happy with the support and information you recieved?" as well as other questions tackling the BME attainment gap and university experience for international students. 
For this survey, your Student Voice team visited Moulscoomb, Hastings, Eastbourne, Falmer and Grand Parade campuses. 

Students were great at giving us feedback and our results found:  

  • Majority of students who took part in the survey know that the Students' Union campaigns on a range of academic issues. (62%)
  • The majority of students recieved accurate, digital timetables in advance of the academic year. (Over 26%)
  • Over 41% of students who have a placement were happy with the information and support they recieved.
  • Our question about additional costs found that although over 44% of students were aware of extra costs such as printing and travel to their placements, just over 42% of students did not feel they were made aware enough and would have appreciated greater transparency. 
  • When it came to students' awareness surrounding the currant attainment gap at Brighton University, 86% of students who answered our survey were not aware of its impact. 95% of students felt more needed to be done and that it wasn't good enough.
  • When asked 'Are there any services or programmes that you thought would be avaliable to you and aren't? E.G Foreign language courses.' Over 43% responded Yes, withover 21% citing foreign language courses or sign language lessons.
  • For our final question, students were asked about the experience for international students, either personally or from friends. Just over 22% said that they were having a good experience or that they'd heard good things. 

You can read the full report here. 

In future, you'll find your SU reps at every campus each month and as well as answering our main question you can talk to us and your elected officers about any other concerns you have! 

Let us know on the BSU Change Things FB page and Twitter whether you've had any problems with your accomodation and if you found our Question of the Month helpful!