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Question of the Month is a new initiative by the Students' Union to help us have at least 4000 face to face conversations with students. We’re doing this so that we can really understand the issues effecting students today and shape our services to better suit your needs. This way we’re making sure we’re a Union that truly reflects the beliefs of our members and so you might be able to put names to faces when you see us around too!

After hearing many comments from students regarding timetabling, the Union decided our next question should be, 'What are your experiences of timetabling at the start of the academic year?'
We also found we usually had better engagement with students when we went out to speak to them, so also decided not to hold stalls but instead come and find you! (Sometimes with sweeties.)

Students were great at giving us feedback and our results showed: 

18% of students thought that the timetable was confusing to access. This seems to be a common issue that affects 1st years more prominently; as they get used to the system. Although, this seemed to be a greater issue among international students studying for a semester at the university and found it very difficult to understand. 
12% of students some being told within the lecture owere told hours before their lecture and r afterwards that it was cancelled.
28% of students did not receive their timetable in advance of the year; with some receiving it within Freshers week or after the first week.
10% of students didn’t believe that the online timetable was an accurate representation of the year; with their timetable showing all groups, modules and years on one timetable.
16% of students felt their timetable was too spaced out throughout the week and feel that their week could be condensed into fewer days.
You can find the powerpoint presentation here. 


From looking at the full report we found that a lot of students found the timetable system to be complicated., which of course can have a massive impact on students' ability to understand where their sessions are to be held. We found that if there are timetable changes, the most efficient method for informing students seems to be via text, but as of this writing, this method is not implemented across all schools. Some students have to travel in multiple times each week from different counties, and they felt that these lectures could be placed into one day. Others labelled having breaks between lectures being up to 4 hours long. All of these comments will be taken into consideration when having further talks with the university about how best to create the best timetabling system. 

In future, you'll find your SU reps (with the blue t-shirts) at every campus each month and as well as answering our main question you can talk to us and your elected officers about any other concerns you have! 

Let us know on the BSU Change Things FB page and Twitter whether you knew you were a member and whether you found our Question of the Month helpful!