Candidate for the position of NUS Conference Delegate

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Suzie Douglas

Hiya! I'm a 2nd-year student studying Business Computing, with a passion for positive change and a drive to make it happen. I am standing for the position of an NUS delegate this year, as I feel it is important for all students to be more aware of what the NUS is, what it does and how it affects you.
It's more than just a discount card. The NUS is the National Student Voice that establishes annual policies for the year ahead, affecting both Brighton Students Union and the University of Brighton students. (that's us!)
I strongly believe that the NUS should be focusing their primary efforts on what will benefit us day-to-day as well as considering the future for students. In this role, I can help push our voice to the widest student audience in the UK, to make the changes we crave.
I have listed below the areas I feel should be our starting point for change:
Expanding NUS card discounts.
It’s great having discounts for the cinema and that restaurant for the special occasions, but we would have greater value with discounts on day to day expenses; food shops from affordable retailers, phone contracts, travel, even haircuts! They are all things we rely on, yet still pay a fairly high price for (considering our student loans)
Rate Your Landlord Scheme.
Pushing for our local areas to bring in the ‘Rate your landlord scheme’ which will benefit ALL students, even the new students just joining us. It’s hard finding a property to rent and knowing which agent is reliable, just going off friend’s feedback is only helping so much. We can’t change the way landlords are, but we can change the business they get, pushing them to improve their services.
Minimal University Open Hours (& Libraries!)
Let's push for a policy that requires universities (that we pay extortionate amounts to attend) to adhere to minimal opening hours throughout all campuses, including library and gym facilities, that shouldn’t be restrictive of location or personal circumstances. As a student, your primary focus is to study, and I believe we should be able to access the university resources for a minimum of 18 hours a day.

Teaching Standards
What good is a lecturer who reads off the slides? We need to ensure quality teaching throughout all courses and all campuses, and we need strong support for when we want to complain about the teaching. We need an authoritative voice to back us up... I want to give the Students Union this power.

So vote for me if you think I can make the change you want to see!