Candidate for the position of LGBTQ+ Officer



My name is Harry Harper (they/them), and for the last year, I’ve been President of our university’s LGBTQ+ Society. It seems like a natural progression to take on this role as the SU LGBTQ+ Officer, and here are some reasons why!

  • As a non-binary person, I empathise with the needs and struggles of other minority groups, making me a fantastic ally to all identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella
  • I have experience working as part of the Brighton LGBTQ+ community, including collaborating with other groups and businesses in the city
  • Gathering feedback and actioning change is something I am very passionate about - as part of studying Education, I’ve learnt to consider the positive impact of learners having a supportive environment, and believe this translates to a university context too

As the SU LGBTQ+ Officer, I will work with students throughout the university, as well as specific groups like the LGBTQ+ Society, to make an impact in areas like:

  • Improving the speed and process of changing a preferred name/email address/title etc. - a process exists, but is sometimes long and clunky
  • Working with the named contact for Trans and Non-Binary students to provide better training surrounding pronouns, gender identity and expression to staff in Student Services and across the university
  • Approaching the new Pro VC of Education to discuss lecturers across all schools being given thorough training in LGBTQ+ issues, particularly in how to discuss these academically without making an LGBTQ+ Student in the classroom feel ‘othered’
  • Helping the SU and Staff Network to create (and sustain) LGBTQ+ safe spaces within university, to learn from one another, to share challenging experiences and to hang out!
  • Continuing my support of the LGBTQ+ Society, using my position on the SU to approach even more charities, businesses, groups and events in and around Brighton to provide opportunities to collaborate for students at UoB