Candidate for the position of Mature Students’ Officer



Let’s talk, listen and progress as one Alumni.

Hello I’m Danny, A 29 year old mature student studying 3D Design and Crafts BA. For the last 10 years I have been climbing the ladder in Aviation and Engineering and for the past 5 years, I have run 2 companies dealing with procurement and logistics. I have a strong and motivated attitude to achieving goals. I am keen to ensure those around me feel positive and supported in whatever projects I am involved in. I believe in equality throughout and have strong ethics relating to hard work, fairness and rewards.

A voice is often heard but not listened to – I want to ensure opinions are heard and responded to effectively. The voice of all students is relevant. All deserve a voice and to feel part of the 20,000 students studying in Brighton. Our surveys and comments get fed into databases and meetings but we see little feedback or action. What actually happens?

There seems a lack of inclusion in today’s Union – we segregate into boxes and if you do not fit, you could be forgotten. I’m not just talking about social events, societies or separated by degree. We are all under the umbrella of University of Brighton. We are all future Alumni and in Brighton we are a close community and look out for all.

Why don’t we have a social space at the Grand parade site? How often do courses mix and exchange words and ideas? When was the last exciting day at university where you felt you didn’t want to rush home? When did you last meet or see the Head of School?

In a generation where we mainly communicate via our mobile – it is critical we sustain relationships with peers face to face to ensure we have the tools to network and develop before we leave university, not to be overwhelmed or lost in employment after. Let’s talk is my main objective. I think it’s always over looked. We focus on cost saving and making changes while not taking notice or care of the existing.

Let’s talk, listen and progress as one Alumni.