Candidate for the position of LGBTQ+ Officer

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CJ Crawshaw

Standing up for all the guys, gals and non-binary pals!

In today's modern world more and more young people are finding the courage to come out and own who they are. I'm not only standing for these young people, but I am also standing for the ones who are keeping it to themselves, to the ones who aren't ready to accept it or to the ones who don't want to. Whether I am standing for you as a member of the LGBT+ community or simply as an Ally, I want to make sure all voices are going to be heard over the noise of the politics.

But what am I going to do?

1) With the changing political landscape (hi Brexit!) it is important we constantly review our policies to best support those impacted by this. For example, estranged young LGBT+ people who are also international students or EU citizens will need support throughout this time. Whether it is help with applying for funding or residency or just emotional support during this hard time. 

2) In the #MeToo era, it is important we support the silent voices. In particular, the trans and non-binary communities where they are more likely to feel less comfortable coming forward. I pledge to work closely with the university to create services that allow these particular groups to come forward in complete confidence. 

3) It is important that everyone feels they have the opportunity to get involved with the university LGBT+ community. I pledge to work closely with the LGBT society to ensure that all feel they can get involved. An example is more events aimed towards those who choose not to drink and don't want to participate in drinking-heaving activities such as club nights. 

4) I think it is important that some of the less-represented groups have a voice. I pledge to make sure that those who identify as groups such as asexual (and the ace community), non-binary, pansexual and other groups have a stronger voice within the Student Union. I wish to create dedicate groups for these groups so they can meet others who identify the same or are questioning their identity and want to meet others to get support.

In conclusion, be a pal and vote for this gal!