Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare



Don't give up, fight it, achieve it and win it.


  1. I am running for Vice President Welfare because i believe and understand that there are things going on in every students lives and having someone to check on them and listen to what they have to say can go a long way in helping any student achieve or feels more comfortable while studying. i once heard a proffessor said that in order to feel more welcome at one's environment one have to gain and develop the key to comfort and happiness to achieve success. student welfare and feedback should direct educational improvements. if i am given this position i will work towards creating a system in which student feedbacks, comfort environments, students well-beings, safety, interest, and other social efforts that will promote basic physical and any material well-being of any student as well as good health is meet and taken seriously by the university. however the university of brighton have been doing well on this part and if i am given the opportunity i will love to pick up from the progress to achieve more in many students lives and be a key source of a person who listens and pays great attention to the things affecting student welfare and creating a solution. 
  2. finally, and most importantly, i believe that all students deserve respect and right to how they feel. this is because many students that are like me have made a huge sacrifices or gave up one thing or the other and work so hard to get here. However, there may be far so many stories of student's concerns, dissatifications, and general wellbeing around the university which most student don't feel comfortable or have someone to relate those issues to, one thing i have come to understand in life is that is okay to feel some sort of ways whether good or bad because at the end it builds us and makes us stronger to face more challenges ahead and this is what i plan to create, an eveironments where students opinions and wellbeing matters the most and to stand as a consultant who can relate and counsel while bringing solutions to good wellbeing of all student.

 Being a student and Course Rep at Brighton University have thought me many lessons and given me good experience on how to deal with challenges, myself, people around and working in a team and know i can work effectively as part of the team for student welfare and creating change as a Vice President Welfare. I am also very open to learning more to make more good works.Thank You.