Candidate for the position of International Students' Officer



Diversity and equality in education

Hi, my name is Farhoud and I stand for the principles of diversity and equality in education. Academia should serve everyone and opportunities should be the same, regardless of background.

As the current International Students’ Officer, I have worked hard to create a vast support network that encourages students who fall under this category to participate in different opportunities. 

Regarding my agenda, I would like to formally establish an international committee to help support all international students. Another idea is to create learning services for those struggling with a new educational background. Increasing interaction between international students and home students is another goal, which can be done through various social events throughout the year. It’s important to improve cultural awareness and diversity within the university.

During the current academic year, I’ve served as a Student Ambassador, Law Guardian, and West Law Student Representative, while also taking part in national mooting competitions. I’m dedicated to serving the greater community and giving back to the University.

If elected I would like to work closely with Ramy Badrie, a candidate for the role of VP Education and an international student, to further these goals and serve the entire student body. We are committed to the ideals of equality for all in education. 

If these are principles you care about, I would love to serve you in this role.