Candidate for the position of Officers - President



A Brighter Vision for the University of Brighton

My name is Calvin Jude Jansz and I am standing in the Student Union elections to become your next President. To tell you a bit about myself, I am the incumbent President of the University of Brighton Men’s Rugby Club and the Chairman of the Sports Federation Committee. I will be graduating in the summer with a bachelor's degree in Politics, Philosophy and Ethics. Thanks to my time spent at the university, both academically and through my close work with the students union through sports, I have been afforded a great insight into the role of SU President, as well as having built a good working relationship with the staff at the university which I would aim to build upon, if elected.

Fighting for a Student Voice
I will be fighting to make sure that your student voice is heard and considered throughout all levels of both university and student union policy-making. I believe that if you have a problem then you should be able to speak openly and honestly about it, and that it should then be dealt with in an appropriate manner to find a solution, no matter the issue.

More Open and Accessible Resources
I will also make sure that all of the university’s services and resources are made as easily accessible for all students, as possible. I understand that it can be difficult to ask for help, and even harder in actually getting the right help that you need sometimes, therefore I would aim to make this process as straightforward as possible for all students. I would also look to supplement the brilliant resources and services that we already have at the university, as well as alter and improve some of the less successful ones.

Raising Awareness and Support for Mental Health and other Invisible Disabilities
If elected, raising the profile of mental health and other invisible disabilities amongst students would be one of my top priorities, in order to ensure that the right level of support is readily available and make strides towards removing the stigma around the subject.

Increase the Support and Visibility for All Students
I would work hard with all of the Vice Presidents as well as our part-time officers (BAME, LGBTQ+, Disabled, Environmental, International, Women’s and Mature Students) to give a voice to all students, particularly those who are not always heard. I believe it is important that all groups of people are able to express their opinions openly and equally, without fear of being judged, and that no group feels disenfranchised or left out of the conversation.

Holding the University Accountable
Underpinning each of the above priorities is the need to ensure that the university remains accountable to its students. To support this, I would aim to hold regular weekly drop-in sessions in which students will be able to give feedback about what we, as a students union, could be doing better (and hopefully what we are already doing well).