Candidate for the position of Environment Officer

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Dwayne Williams

Free to use microwaves & hot water across all buildings

There's so much more to positively impacting our environment than the usual; switching to energy saving lightbulbs, selling old veg no one wants or adding recycling bins here, there and everywhere! 

If elected, I will carry out the typical duties lined out in the role description to the best of my ability and will also; 

  1. Campaign for microwave and hot water stations to be strategically located across all campuses in every building - especially those where food is served. 
  2. Campaign for improvement and promote effective usage of the green spaces around our campuses, which can be achieved simply via the addition of benches for example.
  3. Continue to push the efforts of the previous Environment & Ethics Officers and champion future campaigns to better our universities sustainability.
  4. Aim to provide as many environmentally friendly freebies to freshers & current students alike as possible, (such as reusable bottles/ flask) to promote awareness to our environment and lower waste.