Candidate for the position of President



What would you do to improve Education at the University?

• Encourage better communications from each faculty, so information to all students is consistent, coherent and equal.
• focusing on and reviewing the University conditions of the 40% cap on resubmissions.
• Run a ‘prep for life after Uni’ scheme.
-Collaborate with external companies (Banks & Wellbeing practitioners etc) to ensure that we are doing the best possible job of preparing and enabling our students to leave University.

What would you do to improve the Employability of students?

• Create further partnership with businesses in Brighton and its environment in order to foster more placement opportunities that would make students more employable after their degree

• Provide a range of skill-based volunteering opportunities to help students gain transferrable CV skills and access industry networks by developing and expanding the More Than My Degree Campaign.

• Provide support for our international students that help support post-study employability.

• conduct various hiring campaigns by collaborating with various consultancies and other organizations, which would eliminate the gap between aspiring students and employers.

How would you make the Union and the University more Inclusive?

• Ensure that specific student demographics, who are not always represented, are catered for and make sure they feel their needs are being met.

• Implore the University shout about student success as much as the Union, celebrating real students in their institution

• Introduce a ‘Change Week’ where students can submit ideas for change to an online leader board and other students can vote – helping us know what to work on.

• Create a greater community feel for students in minority groups such as BAME, Community and Part-time students etc. As well as this ensure that societies, as well as our sports teams, are being celebrated for their achievements and are as engaged with our university community.

How would you improve the Welfare of students?

• Sexual Health Clinic drop-ins on campus

• Dissertation wellbeing initiatives.
- Having wellbeing & academic support easily accessible for students writing and handing in dissertations

• Introduce the Ask Angela scheme and make students aware that the student union engages with this initiative and enforce staff training within the SU so students who require this service can trust in our staff.

• Student Union event staff to have mental wellbeing training.
-Building upon SU staff training that has been increased this year, by having event staff trained in mental welfare for students to ensure their safety.

• Make Mental Health awareness day a termly event.

How would you improve Communication between the Union and students?

• Communication between faculties and the Student Union - improve the understanding and relationship with academic staff to make them aware of the issue’s students face and vice versa.

• Make it clear to all new and current students what the union can offer them and how we are there to help via a brief informative session at key points in the year in various lectures and workshops.

What qualities or experience do you have that would you make a good full time officer?

I believe that I would make a good full-time officer because I already have a wealth of experience of working for the union and believe during that time, I’ve been at the forefront of listening to all student needs, and I have your interests at heart. With your voices behind me, I can use the knowledge I have gained from the workings of the BSU to best represent and implement your ideas. So, if you like what I hope to achieve, I would be most appreciative of your support!