Candidate for the position of President



What would you do to improve Education at the University?

As President I will highlight the Decolonise the Curriculum movement happening in the humanities department which aims to bring more inclusion into learning material so BAME and women students see themselves represented in course material. This would be the first step in working towards reducing the BAME degree awarding gap.

What would you do to improve the Employability of students?

As President I will further highlight the range of volunteering and commercial SU roles, SU services, societies and events throughout the University and SU spaces which can help advance student experience and future employability. I will also aim showcase student postgraduate employment success stories to encourage students, and to highlight the careers service on offer at the university.

How would you make the Union and the University more Inclusive?

As President I will campaign for greater support and visibility for Black History, LGBT+ History and Women’s History months and tackle the university and SU recruitment processes to help foster greater diversity and inclusion.

How would you improve the Welfare of students?

As President I will greater support for students who do not receive university accommodation and support those students living in the city with issues relating to rogue landlords, poor living conditions and lettings agencies. I would highlight and collaborate with local mental health, addiction and wellbeing charities in and around Brighton. I will seek to offer routine STI tests, easy and frequent access to contraception and work closely with sexual health clinics to become the first HIV stigma free SU in the UK. I will also continue the fight to increase the amount students receive from SFE due to the high cost of living in Brighton.

How would you improve Communication between the Union and students?

As President I will create dedicated safe spaces for activism, student organising, social justice campaigning and lobbying and establish a dedicated system of support for students adversely emotionally and financially affected by strike action

What qualities or experience do you have that would you make a good full time officer?

I am an honest and confident person who is genuinely passionate about the role of SU president. I aspire to inspire students and to commit to the role and show strong leadership through a difficult and uncertain future. I possess strong emotional intelligence, resilience and sense of self and I have a clear vision and purpose. I have been the President of a society, had management roles in workplaces.