Candidate for the position of VP Activities



What would you do to improve Education at the University?

I improve the education for students by trying to get more extracurricular activities running on all different days to help students take their mind off learning and remove stress as sometimes doing an activity can be therapeutic and can help take the stress away from students, i would make it so that there is something for everyone to do so that people can have a variety of choice aswell so that they dont have to be restricted to one thing

What would you do to improve the Employability of students?

I will improve employability by running workshops or by organising workshops which any student can take part in and can learn new things that will be useful to them to add to their cv's, i will also run things like team competitions do that people can learn how to work in a team because working in a team is a great skill to have and helps add to your cv

How would you make the Union and the University more Inclusive?

I will work with societies and staff members to either help run activities or to provide support with activities that can include everyone and not just certain types of people because everyone should feel welcome and everyone should feel that they are included

How would you improve the Welfare of students?

I will help organise activities that can improve students wellbeing and make the activities as fun and as enjoyable as possible so that students and staff can take their mind off work and just focus in themselves

How would you improve Communication between the Union and students?

I will email students regularly when there is an activity coming up, i will also speak to all the sports leaders and society presidents and just have a convosation with them about hoe things are going and what i can do to help, i will also get students to answer termly or monthly surveys to help improve how things are being done or if there is anything they want to speak to me about, I will keep an open door policy so that anyone can ask me a question at anytime and i will try and reply as quickly as i can

What qualities or experience do you have that would you make a good full time officer?

The qualities that i possess that would make me a good full time officer are, I am a good listener this is a good quality because it shows that you are able to take on board peoples views and try to understand how they are feeling and find a solution towards an issue they have or an improvement they have suggested. Another quality i possess is my adaptability this leads on to listening because any improvements or requests or questions that ive been given i can find out the best possible solution to make things better, i can also find creative ways to work with what i have so that people dont get board or dissapointed with the limited options available