Candidate for the position of VP Activities



What would you do to improve Education at the University?

As Vice President Activities I will improve education at the University of Brighton by campaigning to create more links with the university departments and societies. I would do this by setting up collaborative events with certain societies and departments that relate to each other. For example, the Labour society and students doing a politics degree could go to a political talk/debate. This would give students on campus a chance to get to know each other better who have similar interests. Likewise, the politics students could learn something from the political societies which could massively help them with their degree.

What would you do to improve the Employability of students?

As Vice President Activities I will improve employability by creating more flexible volunteering opportunities for those who want to get involved but do not always have the time to do so. Volunteering always looks brilliant on a CV because it shows that the individual has given up their time to help a cause or to spend time working on a certain skill. It also shows a level of commitment, which employers are always looking for.

How would you make the Union and the University more Inclusive?

As Vice President Activities I will make the university or union more inclusive by working with the University to create more access for people with disabilities, such as having ramps on campus leading to spaces that would hold events and society meetups. I would also campaign to make the university a more gender-neutral friendly place, such as having gender-neutral toilets. Furthermore, I would also work with the SU on bringing in a clearer reporting tool on the SU website in order for students to report any problems that they may have involving their society. I think this is very essential because it is important that students' voices are heard. I also want to bring in more awareness months for specific minority groups, such as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and National Blood Donor Month.

How would you improve the Welfare of students?

As Vice President Activities I will improve welfare of students by getting to know every society personally to ensure their full potential can be reached. I do not want some societies to go unnoticed compared to others as every student has a right to have the best possible experience at university. I will also work with the SU on implementing mental health training into committee training. I think this is essential because, the more people who aware of how to deal with welfare situations, the better. I really want to keep a close eye on every society to make sure that every student feels safe and happy.

How would you improve Communication between the Union and students?

As Vice President Activities I will improve communication between the Union and students by making it essential for the Union to frequently keep in contact with each society, whether that is meeting up with committee members, or messaging the society directly on Facebook. It is important that the committee members of the societies know that the SU is always available to help them in any way. I will also make sure that the Union are 100% behind every society when they take part in a competition or performance of some kind. Enabling this bond will make students feel more reassured and happy.

What qualities or experience do you have that would you make a good full time officer?

I was the first official President of the Musical Theatre Society in my second year, creating a society from 4 to 40 members. The Musical Theatre Society was a brand new society, which meant that I had nothing to go off from past committee members. This was very challenging at first, but I got a massive buzz out of starting something from scratch and deciding how the society was going to be run. I wanted to make it a place for musical theatre performers AND musical theatre lovers. I wanted anyone to be involved, whether they were competitive performers or just fans of Broadway. This experience really taught me about different kinds of people and how the love of one thing can bring so many people together. In that year, we put on two showcases for charity, which involved the society members singing, dancing, acting, and any other ways they wanted to show off their talents. From that experience, I learnt to be more organised, patient, rational and confident, which are skills that I would definitely continue to use while being a full-time officer.
I was also part of the Societies Association Committee this year, where I helped create decisions about societies and events that take place. For example, we debated as a group where to put each society in terms of categories. The purpose of this was to make our roles in the committee a lot clearer when societies came to us for advice. For example, I was the person that the societies involving academics would come to if they had any issues. This experience gave me a lot more knowledge about the societies at the University of Brighton.
I would like to think that I am a very passionate person, who makes the most of every opportunity as it comes to me. If I were to be VP Activities, I would put everything into making Brighton's students' experiences the best that they possibly can be!