Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate



What issues do you think are most important to students at the University of Brighton and how will you make sure they are heard at NUS Conference?

Funding hidden course costs - showcase case studies of student debt incurred as a result of materials needed for their course outside of advertised expected costs (e.g. camera equipment, computer software, travel to placement) - Support for First Generation Low Income Students - use of personal anecdotes to show that entering higher education is a significant achievement, rather than an expected milestone - Mental Health support for students - highlight the importance of accessibility to the Mental Health First Aid course for students and the role of the student community in positive wellbeing - Finding affordable housing without a guarantor - compile figures of how much agencies charge to act as guarantors and compare it with funds available to students solely through Student Finance Previously chair of a regional youth forum for a large charity, I have experience representing the views of a large population to those with the decision making powers. I will challenge the small details that are often overlooked to ensure decisions are made with those involved being in possession of all the facts. I believe that at the NUS conference, it is important to make sure your voices heard but it will also be equally important for me to listen to those who may not share the same opinion in order to create impactful change. My experience as the voice of reason in decision making will help me represent the students of the University of Brighton in the most positive light, making sure all of our views are respected at the highest level.

How will you communicate events from NUS Conference back to students at Brighton?

Hold a Q&A session with other delegates to give all students the chance to hear about what was discussed and verify any queries they may have - Create summaries of the topics discussed and upload to BSU social media - Write a blog post about the conference - Upload Instagram stories and live streams whilst at the conference to keep students updated throughout