Candidate for the position of VP Welfare

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What would you do to improve Education at the University?

Having been in this position before, one can argue that everything in the University is all related to education and improving student experience. The University and the Union is currently doing a lot around this areas, so as a Vice President Welfare i will improve students studying and general experience by campaigning and making sure there is inclusive practice and any form of discrimination and Racism is being brought to notice. Making sure that every students are not being denied in any possible way of their chance to better study and experience no matter what background they may be from while at the University. I believe increasing awareness of any form of abuse, discrimination and racism within the educational sector will improve students experience as well as their wellbeing in being comfortable in their home away from home.

What would you do to improve the Employability of students?

During my last term as a Welfare officer i introduced the Culture Cafe that does not only provide volunteering opportunities but aim to also increase cultural awareness, diversity and provide a social environment for students to meet other students and get to understand each other. I also worked with other officer to remove specific Volunteering roles within the union, this is to give any students the opportunity to run their own events or campaign for change in areas like women issues, LGBT+, mature students issues and so.  If I am elected again as the Vice President Welfare i will improve employability by making sure this schemes keeps running and will initiate a recognised reward scheme for the volunteers.  I believe having the door open for any students to bring their ideas and run events and campaigns will improve their experience.  Throughout the year the Union also run various events such as Black History Month, Union Award and so on i will make sure to my very best to work with students giving them the opportunity to bring their ideas to form any events.

How would you make the Union and the University more Inclusive?

Within my year as a welfare officer i worked on different event with the university to increase inclusivity within the union for students.
As Vice President Welfare i will ensure that the union will be more inclusive by putting more effort in representing the voice and opinion of mature students, Disability students and all categories of students. I will also enhance inclusivity by working with the liberation groups and promote equality and diversity.

How would you improve the Welfare of students?

During my time as a Vice President Welfare i worked with the Union to lobby the University to create an effective guarantor scheme for all students, currently still in progress, as this is what students wanted from the survey that was conducted.
As Vice President Welfare I will continuing lobbying the university to make sure that something is being negotiated and work towards reducing the stress students face in securing housing.
I will also look into student wellbeing by lobbying the university to improve the out of hour support students get, making sure is accessible and inclusive. I will also put my effort in promoting more awareness on sexual health and general wellbeing.
Discrimination, racism and sexual abuse and violence have always been an issue for all university students even outside in the community, As Vice President Welfare I will aim to increase awareness of this through campaigns and promotions, working with the university and other outside charities to make sure that any issues experienced is dealt with.

How would you improve Communication between the Union and students?

One important thing i have learnt during my time as an officer is that it is very crucial to put all effort to feedback students what you are up to and things happening within the Union as this shows student the true representation. As Vice President Welfare i will endeavour to improve communication and transparency with all students by ensuring that any work I and the other officer are doing are consistently being reported to the students. I will also make sure to communicate to student how their feedback has helped in changing things within the university and the union and will do this through the use of social media and focus group report back if necessary. I will also make sure to be active in my campus i will be representing and make sure that their voice is heard.

What qualities or experience do you have that would you make a good full time officer?

I have worked/currently working as the Welfare Officer. Within my Year as an officer i have learnt so many things and acquire skills such as campaigning, organisational skills, personal development, Awareness of things within the union and knowledge that would be of good use in making changes and working within the union.

I have also volunteered for many charity organisations such as Red Cross, WaterAid, Smarter Uniform, St Vincent charities shop and social care worker for various care homes. I have also been able to acquire many skills, understand people in different perceptive and understand the need to make a different as well as being open to change around me. I believe that with the knowledge and skills i have obtained through doing and working on various things within these places would make me a good full time officer.