Student Staff member of the Year 

BSU employs students wherever possible. This award should go to the member of student staff that goes above and beyond to make sure we offer outstanding services and customer service or makes sure the Union is a great place to visit.

  • Georgina Cooper
  • Frances Sweeney
  • Katharine Fraser


Elected Officer of the Year

For dedication and achievement in the representation of students.  

They might be part of a Campus Action Team, a School Rep, Liberation Officer or one of the other part time officers of Union Council.

  • Mark Harvey
  • Nic Amade
  • David Avery


Campaigner of the Year

For absolute dedication to the cause. 

Raising awareness and bringing about meaningful, lasting change for the benefit of others.

  • Pete Englesen
  • Claire Kidd


Enterprise Volunteer of the Year

For an outstanding volunteer from one of the student led coops or media channels that has brought real value and opportunity to their members.

  • Zoe Thompson
  • Robert Bone
  • Alison Rees
  • Liz Crane


Society of the Year (Group)

For the society that has done amazing work to develop their offering for students. 

They may have significantly increased their membership, created new events and activities and opportunities or developed strong working relationships within the University, the local community or nationally to enhance the experience for their members.

  • ACS Hastings
  • Midwifery Society
  • LGBT+ Society


Fundraiser of the Year

For the student or society that has excelled in charity fundraising. 

They may have undertaken a high-profile campaign or project; they may have helped to organise and promote the fundraising activities of others.

  • Dance Rivals – Chelsea Society
  • Nivethika Thayalacumar – Brighton RAG
  • Luke Sandys – Renton – University of Brighton Polo Calendar
  • YMCA Sleep Easy Challenge - Big Dr. Kepa Artaraz, Lara Stroud, Ramie Munetsi, Olivia Clarke, Danielle Marsaud, Alexandra Hague and Sophia Kiely.


Society Committee Member of the Year

This person will have lead their society by example to ensure there is an engaging and exciting programme of activities and opportunities for their members.

  • Rozina Giri
  • Georgina Cooper
  • Sam Palmer
  • Jenny Terry
  • Beth Davies


Support Staff Award

The member or group of support staff who has really helped your learning or added to the quality of your time at university. 

Support staff includes anyone who works as School or College administration staff, lab or workshop technicians, technical demonstrators etc. and those who work in the international office, student services (SSGT's, disability and dyslexia team, careers, etc), library staff, information services, media services, students' union, central administration for the University or partner College.

Support staff also includes caretakers, cleaners and night security staff.

  • Sam McLaughlan
  • Debbie Miller
  • Stuart Tipping


Course Rep of the Year

For the Course Rep that has made a real difference to the quality of teaching, learning & your academic experience.

  • Rhiannon Jameson
  • Carmen Romero
  • Lizzie Rae


Inclusive Teaching Award

For making sure all voices, views and histories are included and celebrated in the curriculum. 

This might include active consideration for students with stress, anxiety or mental health problems. It might also include those who go the extra mile to ensure the curriculum is not simply white, male & stale.

  • Jane Cawdell
  • Dr. Angad Panesar
  • Ian Cooper


Best Feedback

For the tutor who provides the most helpful feedback on your work.

  • Helen Fiddler
  • Julie Morgan
  • Deborah Madden


Inspirational Teaching

For the tutor who has inspired you and has set your imagination and interest on fire.

  • Carl Walker
  • Dan Bennett
  • Sarah Marshall
  • Rodrigo Lucena


Wellbeing Volunteer of the Year

For an outstanding volunteer from one of the Union wellbeing teams (CaSH or PEACH) who has delivered services or opportunities for students.

  • Claudia Curie
  • Maddy Swain
  • Sophie Clarke
  • Alicia Kime

New Society of the Year (Group)

For a society that has been established this academic year that has created an outstanding offer for students.

  • To be announced at the Union Awards Ceremony

Special Awards

There are a number of special awards that the Union will hand out. These awards have not come through nominations but have been handpicked by the Union Awards selection panel for their excellence work and service to the Union.

School of the Year

This award is for the school that has worked tirelessly to improve the experience of its students, this might be through academic excellence, the promotion of extra-curricular enrichment activities or through developing strong working relationships with the Students’ Union.  

  • School of Sport and Service Management
  • School of Applied Social Sciences

LaTrivia Grant Award

Student Centred Excellence Award

Presidents Awards