We are very excited to announce the shortlisted nominees for our Union Awards! The winners will be announced on 15th May at Komedia and online via our Facebook page

Innovative Teaching

This award recognizes innovative teaching. Whether it is introducing new technology into the class room, trailing different teaching methods the winner of this award will be passionate about to developing the teaching in their area.

Kevin Wyche – Kevin is an extremely passionate academic that has gone above and beyond for students. Some of Kevin’s innovative teaching includes producing an online documentary and lecture videos, they have created online quizzes and bespoke virtual reality environments.

Ya Gao – Ya, known as Angela, to students has been an ‘amazing’ lecturer and teacher. She has great skills for teaching and employ a student focussed approach. She has gone out of her way to simplify information for students making topics easily understandable.

David Watson – David is an ‘incredible lecturer and has helped students to develop their knowledge and skills. They support students individually on their social work projects making students feel they get a personal experience on the course.


Inspirational Teaching

This award recognizes inspirational teaching. The winner of the inspirational teaching award will enthuse and motivate students to learn. They will be passionate about their subject and be able impart that passion to their classes.

Dr Jacqueline Elsom – Has a genuine care for each and every person in her class. Nominations stated that their teaching is ‘inclusive and inspiring’ and ‘shows us that nothing is impossible’.

Charlie Lea – Charlie has gone the extra mile motivating students this year especially in the notoriously difficult empirical module! As well as being friendly and approachable Charlie has scheduled extra sessions to help out students struggling to get to grips with the topic.

Julie Fowlie – Julie has offered incredible support to her students this year, helping students that had lost their way back on course, supporting students with personal issues and motivating the entire group when work got tough.


Course Rep of the Year

This award is to celebrate someone who has gone above and beyond in their duties as a Rep. The winner of this award will be highly committed to their role, engage with relevant meetings and maintain contact with their peers, academic staff and the Students’ Union.

Lottie Wilson – Lottie has been consistent in keeping students’ voices heard on level 6 Media Studies. This year Lottie has also been a Rep Trainer, helping the Students’ Union to train new Course Reps.

Sarah Smith – Sarah goes above and beyond as a Course Rep. They are extremely proactive and even sends updates to students when important course dates come up

Cristabel Ojukwu – Cristabel is caring, helpful and attentive. They have also worked as a Rep Trainer training new Course Reps and is a previous winner of the Brighton SU Course Rep of the Month award.


Membership Services Student Staff Member of the Year

This award is to recognize a member of SU student staff who has exceeded the expectations of their role and gone above and beyond. They will have worked hard to deliver excellent service and their efforts will have made a positive impact on their peers and the Students' Union.

Charlotte Allen – Charlotte has worked for the Students’ Union for two years in the Student Voice team. Working as a Student Voice Assistant, Charlotte has been pivotal in delivering our ‘Question of the Month’ project. Charlotte is also the Student Forum Facilitator and has helped develop the Union’s Student Forum meetings and hosted Election Debates and our Annual General Meeting.

Suzie Douglas – Suzie has been an outstanding member of the communications team as our Digital Platforms Administrator since January 2016. Suzie stepped up to the plate and has worked for us as our interim website coordinator for 6 months whilst we recruited for a new full-time staff position. Suzie has supported the development of our website alongside her studies, most noticeably working on the societies accreditation, a revamp of the elections area making it more user friendly and areas including Fairtrade, LGBTQ+ Awareness and course reps to a very high standard.

Doug Gregg – Since joining the University in 2015, Doug has been active in representing students interests in several capacities - most recently in a paid capacity as a School Academic Organiser. Through this role he has promoted students best interest at the highest level in the School of Environment and Technology and is respected by students and academic staff in equal measure.  He has also worked for the SU in supporting our welcome to new students via our Freshers’ Fair, and has often been the go-to person for covering work at short notice.


Commercial Student Staff Member of the Year

Olivia Davidson - If ever there was a member of student to go above and beyond expectations, its Olivia. Olivia is conscientious, cheerful, thoughtful, hardworking and loyal - and that's just her work in The Hive. Olivia is never late for a shift and can always be counted on to perform her duties to the absolute highest standard even when she's not having the best day.

Laura Solley – Laura has helped run the Starting Gate in Eastbourne on a daily basis this year, even through the holidays. Laura has given up her own time outside of work to help run events for other students. Laura’s attitude helps to inspire commitment and dedication from the rest of the team.

Alex Samuels- Alex is a 1st Year and has settled in very well indeed. Alex is always keen to learn, has excellent customer service skills and is a great asset to the team. Alex is always ready to fill shifts and is incredibly reliable and punctual.

Florence Van Vaerenbergh- Florence is super reliable and punctual. Florence has impressed with her proactive attitude. They always shows good initiative and leads by example.


School of the Year

The School of the Year will be awarded to the school that has worked closely with the Students’ Union to encourage and develop student engagement, this may be through developing new and innovative ways for students to co-design their experience or by supporting the effective delivery of student representation through the Course Rep system.

Brighton Business School – Brighton Business school have developed new and innovative ways in getting feedback from students, holding events throughout the year that look to gain student feedback on courses. They have also offered huge support for students looking to run events like the end of year ball.

SASM – the School of Sport and Service Management take student engagement and feedback seriously. They consistently score highly for student satisfaction in the school, and have been proactive in working with the Students’ Union to improve the experience on the Eastbourne Campus.


Society of the Year

This award is to recognize a society who has gone above and beyond to create a positive community for their members by running successful events and/or activities and engaging with Brighton Students' Union and the wider university.

Law Society – The Law Society have achieved ‘outstanding’ in the Brighton SU society accreditation scheme this year. They have organised networking opportunities for their members, a ball and raised over £6,000 for charities across the year.

Youth Stop Aids –A new society for this academic year. The team has worked hard to raise awareness of the society by holding a Speaker event, where three guest speakers talked about HIV/AIDS in their own personal experience. The Society has collaborated with Musical theatre on a film night raising funds for the Missing Medicine Campaign. YSA has entered Society of the Month. The society has achieved ‘Outstanding’ on the Societies accreditation scheme for the year.

Debating – The Debating Society have had a very successful year, taking part in the Model United Nations competition in Birmingham they won two awards and have won the chance to compete at a competition in Ghent, Belgium. They were also the Brighton SU society of the month for March.

Paramedics – The Paramedic Society, only started in January. They have already achieved 10 accreditations through the Brighton SU society accreditation scheme. They have organised a number of events featuring guest speakers and experts in their field.


SU Volunteer of the Year

This award recognizes the individual that has gone above and beyond whilst volunteering on Students’ Union projects. Whether they are helping to deliver our welfare projects or working to improve our clubs and societies this student has shown a passion for improving the student community.

Isaac Adams – Isaac took the role of President of Brighton Music Society in September and has transformed the society. They have added a large number of members and run regular events in The Hive in Falmer. Under Isaacs’s leadership the society has achieved the developing society accreditation in the Brighton SU society accreditation scheme.

Matt Woodley – Matt has been an incredible society leader this year. They have helped to develop their society gaining new members and spreading the society across campuses running in Brighton and Eastbourne.

Jessica Akinboyewa – Jess, President of the Law Society has led the society to ‘outstanding’ in the society accreditation scheme and helped them to win the February society of the month award. They have been instrumental in organising the Law Society Ball and has been an extremely effective society leader.


Support Staff Award

This award rewards the member of University support staff that has strived to improve the experience of students. Whether it’s developing their area of work to be more student focused or offering excellent service the winner of this award will be passionate about supporting students.

Marianne Lemond – Marianne has worked closely with the Students’ Union this year on a number of projects, they have helped to improve the support for Trans students making it easier for students to change their name and pronouns on University systems. They have helped to develop processes for students observing religious events during exams. They also supported the Brighton SU BME Employability Day.

Henry Macreadie – Henry has helped to develop a new positive working relationship with the Students’ Union. They have organised regular meetings with the Students’ Union and have supported a number of key Students’ Union event.

Eastbourne Caretakers – The Eastbourne caretakers go above and beyond to help the Students’ Union. Whatever the request they will try and help. They are always friendly to students and extremely courteous. They have helped support a number of SU projects, whether it’s helping set up Freshers' or helping us find parking for our Pet Therapy sessions. Without their help we would struggle to function in the same way.


Volunteer Officer of the Year

One person has the ability to have a great impact on the world around them. This award is to recognize the Volunteer Officer who is passionate about their cause and a visible activist for change.

Michelle Harfield – Michelle has been an incredibly passionate Mature Students Officer this year. They have attended NUS Sections conference and stood for a position on a national committee, they also presented policy at the conference. They are regular attendees at the monthly SU Student Forums, have lobbied the University on a number of issues and have created a Mature Students’ Society organising social events for mature students at Brighton.

Leanne Bayley – Has been an active LGBTQ+ Officer this year. They have worked closely with student services to make it easier for students that are transitioning to change their name and pronouns without encountering issues. They have also worked to raise awareness of the issue and have regularly attended the SU Student Forum meetings.

Shile Gbelee – BME Officer Shile Gbelee has been a passionate advocate for BME students this year. Working closely with Vice President Academic Experience Ebun Azeez, they organised a BME students employability day. Brining in a range of guest speakers and hosting workshops to improve student’s skills.