There are lots of expectations some students have about University, especially to do with nights out and clubbing. Sometimes people feel like they need to go out all of the time, and as fun as nights out are, it’s good for body and soul to have nights off too.

Sometimes people feel like everyone else going out all the time and can feel like the odd one out if they don’t do this or don’t want to. We want students to know that whether they are the life and soul of the party, or if they are more comfortable spending time in their house with a few friends, there’s no right or wrong way to do freshers.

Over the Freshtival period The PEACH Team are running a photo sharing competition on Twitter and Instagram for students to share their #TakeANightOff pictures. This could be taking a night off from going out and having a film night with housemates, making dinner with a friend or taking a night off from socialising completely and reading a book with a cup of tea in bed. 

We want to encourage you to #TakeANightOff and practice some self-care.


The competition

It will run during the two weeks of fresher’s and by tweeting an image of your night off on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag (#TakeANightOff) you enter a competition to win a night in hamper. The hamper includes of a Domino’s pizza voucher, popcorn, sweets and other treats for you to enjoy alone or with friends.


Good luck with the competition and have an amazing Freshtival, whatever you choose to do!


For more information about alcohol visit please click here.