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What is I Heart Consent?

The I Heart Consent campaign is a National Union of Students (NUS) initiative which aims to facilitate positive, informed and inclusive conversations and campaigns about sexual consent in universities and colleges across the UK.

In the UK, sexual consent is not currently a core aspect of mainstream sex and relationship education. One of the consequences of this is that consent is often not communicated as an essential part of all sexual interactions. Therefore, everyday conversations can be a way of engaging people who have not previously had access to inclusive and educational discussions about consent.

How can I get involved?

The CaSH Action Team as part of Brighton Students’ Union will be running I Heart Consent Workshops for our students, where we hope to provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to take action towards creating a positive culture of sexual consent in our community. 

We’ll be releasing the dates of the workshops soon, but to keep up to date with the campaign please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or on Instagram