We adhere to ensure your safety when you are on site, on any of our campuses or in the immediate areas of the campus sites.

Statistics show that one in five students fall victim to crime while studying at college or university, with the average break-in costing £900 to repair the damage and replace belongings.

NUS (2014).

Safety is:
1) The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk or injury’.

2) It is the freedom from harm, risk or danger and as well as injury and loss.

However often we find that safety is difficult to grasp, because it tends to be very personal and extremely subjective. What you mean defines safety, may not be the same as your friend. What may be defined as safety in an academic journal may not be what in reality means safety to a child, with no parents, home or food.

In the context of this subject of student safety, we aid the definition above.

The number one question is:
How do we help students feel more safe, on campus, when in meetings, when out at night or when walking home from a late night at one of our libraries?

Please have a browse on our new student safety area, to get an idea of some of the things we suggest you can do to make yourself safer.