Can the university help?

The University of Brighton offers a wide range of advice on all money matters HERE. See ways you could save money and avoid debt. You can also check if you are eligible for discounts and funding!

Are you living in University Accommodation?

Extra help and advice:

I can't get on with my housemates - what can I do?

The Chaplaincy may be able to offer mediation or strategies for coping with difficult housemates (don't forget to consider that it may be you who is being difficult!). If your housemate's behaviour is unlawful then you always have the option of reporting it to the Police or to the university (students can be held liable for their behaviour, even outside of university premises). If you need to move, then you should probably contact Union Support - we can give you advice which is tailored specifically to you and your situation, which may be unique.

My house is mouldy and it's really getting me down. How do I get it fixed?

You could try talking to the Environmental Health department at your local Council (Brighton & Hove,Eastbourne and Hastings). Your landlord or letting agent may also be able to help. If the situation's really bad then Union Support can help explain what options you may have for taking legal action. Most mould, though, is caused by behaviour, rather than structure; are you heating/ventilating the space appropriately? Are you drying clothes on radiators? Is the mould forming behind large items of furniture where no air can circulate? Are you opening windows to ventilate your bathroom from steam when you shower?

How can I contact the University of Brighton Accommodation Service?

Brighton 01273 64 41 00
Eastbourne 01273 64 38 10
Hastings 01273 64 46 31