Personal problems are affecting my study. What can I do?

Every year Union Support helps hundreds of students to cope with the problems they face during their time at university.

If something is affecting your ability to do your best work, you should think about submitting mitigating circumstances or asking for an extension. We can help you do both of these.

What are Mitigating Circumstances?

If you feel that something beyond your control is having a negative effect on your studies, you should notify your Personal Tutor (if you are an undergraduate or taught postgraduate student), or your Supervisor (if you are a research postgraduate student).

Should I ask for an extension or would mitigating circumstances be better

If you’re thinking of asking for an extension, consider making a claim for mitigating circumstances instead. Why? In some instances, an extension is simply not enough help to get you through your assessment(s). If you are experiencing personal difficulties that are affecting you for more than just a couple of weeks, you will probably find mitigating circumstances is the better option. If you want more info, talk to us. We’re really good at helping students!

My assessment is approaching, when should I apply for mitigating circumstance?

Now, as soon as possible! Most of the work we do each year is with students who didn’t ask for help at the time they really needed it (before the assessment). It is better to prevent problems from occurring than to try to fix them later.

How can I apply for mitigating circumstances?

You will need to complete a mitigating circumstances form (or ARGEAR3 as it’s also known) with the support of your Personal Tutor, SSGT or Supervisor. They will be able to provide you with this form or you can pick one up from us at Union Support or the SU reception office. Once the form is submitted it will be considered by a Mitigating Circumstances committee who will make a recommendation to your Exam Board as to whether or not they should take the circumstances into account when finalising the marks for your work. For more information on what qualifies as mitigating circumstances, read our really useful guide.

My assessment has already taken place, what should I do?

If the Examination Board has not yet met, you may still have time to apply for mitigating circumstances. Check with your School Office or SSGT when the deadline is.

What can I do if I’ve missed the deadline?

You can appeal, but as well as explaining and proving what you mitigating circumstances are, you will also need a good reason why you did not make the university aware of your circumstances at the time.

How do I request an extension for my coursework?

You will need to fill out this Extension to deadline form.You may also find it helpful to consult your Personal Tutor or School Office to request this.

Find out more about requesting extensions in our guide.