Rewrite the narrative of consent – Free training!

As we embrace the new year and all the possible benefits that are to come, we would like to provide you with this NEW FREE EXCLUSIVE TRAINING OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO CEASE! 

Exclusive only for societies, BSU is providing you with a Consent Workshop which will be happening in the final week of February! 

What’s the purpose of this workshop?

Often people think the term consent is viewed as a taboo term and consequently is not spoken about. So, we believe it is important to rewrite the narrative, and whilst we do that, keep YOU the students at the heart of it. 

Brighton prides itself on its inclusivity and diversity and therefore it is important to celebrate this every way we can. As next month is LGBTQ History month and we want to be as supportive and inclusive as possible, we thought this would be the perfect time to talk about consent and the various ways it can apply.
Consent is a massive matter, and we think it is important to address it in all its forms.

SO what are the benefits of you taking part in this LIMITED TIME ONLY WORKSHOP?

FREE exclusive training 

  • Taking part in this training will be great to put on your CV and will allow you to look proactive to your future employers!
  • Employers want to have caring and proactive students, so why cease the opportunity of this workshop 

FIRST time this is ever happening at BSU

  • Be part of the change! 

Opportunity to ask YOUR questions to an expert!

  • There will be multiple opportunities in the workshop and prior to it, for you to voice your question anonymously or not!


  • Attending the workshop - You are submitted into a raffle to win £20 and a thank you for your feedback care package surprise sent directly to your door!      
  • Certificate of attendance     

A chance to learn about CONSENT 

  • A chance to speak about a topic that is normally viewed as ‘taboo’. 
  • A chance to change the narrative 
  • A chance to embrace consent 

1 hour workshop sessions available to book - 

22nd February @ 17:00

23rd February @ 15:00

24th February @ 17:00

Email to register your interest in 1 of the 3 session’s, limited spaces available.