Your leadership team 2023/24

Results are in - congratulations to the Full-Time Officer team for 2023!

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Brighton Students' Union (BSU) recently concluded its annual leadership elections, and the results are in. The election period was fantastic, and the candidates did an excellent job campaigning. The election season showcased a remarkable level of camaraderie, and candidates from all backgrounds worked together towards a common goal. We are delighted to announce that 1833 students cast over 7860 votes across all the elections. It's great to see such a fantastic turnout, and we're proud of everyone who participated in this process.

Democracy is crucial to BSU, and it is important that students participate in the leadership election process. These elections provide students with the opportunity to have their say and contribute to the running of their union. We believe that democracy is the cornerstone of a healthy society, and we're glad to see our students taking part in such large numbers.

We're excited to announce the newly elected Full-Time Officer team for the 2022-23 academic year. Ilia Mirsky Katz has been elected as the President of BSU, while Favour Emmanuel has been elected as the Postgraduate & International Officer. Doris Uche has been elected as the Activities Officer, and Osasu Atomon has been elected as the Education Officer. We extend our congratulations to the new team and look forward to seeing what they will achieve in their roles.

We would like to thank all the candidates for their brilliant campaigning during the election period. Running for office is not an easy task, and we commend all the candidates for the hard work and dedication they put into their campaigns. We're confident that the skills they gained during the process will help them in their future endeavors.

The election period was a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their leadership skills and engage with their fellow students. It was inspiring to see so many students come forward and take part in the election process. We're excited about the future of BSU, and we're looking forward to seeing the new team in action.

The 2022-23 leadership elections were a great success. We are thrilled with the participation levels, and we believe that the election process provided students with valuable experience and opportunities for personal growth. We urge students to continue to take part in BSU elections, and we hope that more students will be inspired to run for office in the future.


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