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Our Raise and Give Logo Competition Winner!

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Raise and Give logo

Introducing our new Raise and Give logo!

Congratulations to the winner of our Raise and Give logo competiton, Ferne Wilkins, BA (Hons) Media Studies.

Ferne's logo inspiration: The inspiration for this logo came from RAG's fundamental values (Raise and Give) and the University of Brighton brand design. The colour palette and fonts were carefully designed to coordinate with the university's logo. The use of symbols such as a hand, flower, and sun was important in the design process. These aspects express the core of raising and giving, namely growth, generosity, and brightness. The hand represents strength and unification, the flower growth and beauty, and the sun warmth and positivity. Together, they represent RAG's attitude and commitment to making a good difference in the community.


We'd also like to congratulate the students whose logos came second and third place in the competition.

Second place: Will Hughes, BA (Hons) Media Production

Third place: Dillon Stingemore, BA (Hons) Illustration


What is RAG?

RAG Raise and Give (RAG) is a branch of the BSU that aims to support students in raising money for charity. Our activities team will organise events throughout the year, as well as support student societies in their fundraising efforts. The Students’ Union can provide you with guidance to ensure that whatever you do, it is successful, legal, and ethical. Students can partner with local, or national charities and volunteer, or undertake traditional fundraising activities. This could include:

- Bake sales.
- Sporting events
- Sponsored challenges
- Talent shows.
- Socials

If you, or a group wish to raise money then please fill out the following form here or contact us at Find out more about RAG here.