2019/10 October - Nursing Society

CONGRATULATIONS to Brighton Nursing Society for winning Society of the Month for October. Here's what they had to say about the TWO events they ran that bagged them the award.

#1 What was the objective of your event?

Event 1: Support for members whilst crafting and making donations for friends of Brighton hospital. We made activity aprons and Twiddle muffs for dementia patients

Event 2: To raise money for Macmillan cancer support charity and to have a discussion about oncology nursing with Sara Stevenson-Baker.

#2 When did your event take place?

Event 1: 06/06/2019

Event 2: 27/09/2019

#3 Where did your event take place?

Event 1: The Hive

Event 2: Westlain House Foyer and Westlain House 211

#4 How many people came?

Event 1: 8

Event 2: 60+ for the coffee morning, 12 for the talk

#5 How did the attendees participate?

Event 1: By making squares for a activity apron

Event 2: They bought cake, and participated in some games to win prizes. They joined in a discussion about oncology nursing, directing questions to our speaker and generally sharing current views/opinions on the subject.

#6 What did you learn?

Event 1: Was a chance for students to catch up after placement and relax. We learnt the importance of creating time for our own resilience.

Event 2: That nurses love cake! That oncology nursing is very diverse department with a large range of job opportunities for nurses on graduation.

#7 How does your event benefit students?

Event 1: Safe space to catch up and chat about any concerns whilst providing each other with valuable support

Event 2: It gives them an opportunity to donate money to a charity that helps individuals with cancer, which is very relevant to our course. It also allows them to get more information about oncology nursing, or oncology patients which they will come across when they go out on placement in December time.