2020/02 February - Chem Soc

CONGRATULATIONS to Chem Soc for winning Society of the Month for February.. Here's what they had to say about the event they ran that bagged them the award.

Name of Event - 24 Hour Gaming Marathon

Please tell us the Aims and Objectives of the Event
The ChemSoc committee took part in the 24 Hour Gaming Marathon, as a fundraiser for Cancer Research UK's Game Changer Challenge. We aimed to raise as money as we could for Cancer Research and Shine Cancer Support.

Date of Event - 17/02/2020

Location of Event - W401/Home

Number of Attendants - 10

How did the attendees participate?

All ChemSoc members spent time streaming video games online on the streaming site Twitch, and Facebook Live. We also asked lecturers to join in an event in which they spent an hour with us playing the game, Cuphead. During this hour, we raised money for Shine Cancer Support. Overall, we raised £185.75 including gift aid between the two charities Cancer Research and Shine Cancer Support.

What did you learn?

We learnt that we needed to advertise better by having longer advertising event. We also learnt about organising fundraisers, as this was our first time organising an event like this.

How did the event benefit students?
Raising awareness for Cancer Research UK and Shine Cancer support. It was also a fantastic opportunity for lecturers to be seen in a more casual environment.