Engineering Society (Brighton)

Engineering Society (Brighton)


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The community of Engineering students at Brighton University is growing. Within the Engineering society, students from all disciplines and levels are able to socialise, share ideas and plan projects with one another. 

One of the societies main aims is to bring together all students with an interest in Engineering.


With the societies links to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the Royal Aeronautical Society, society members are also encouraged to join these organisations to become part of an even bigger network of Engineers. 

These organisations and the events that are run by them are a great source of inspiration and an excellent opportunity for students to grow their network.


Your society membership will allow you to come along to Engineering related visits which will take place during the academic year. These visits give a behind the scenes look at some of the most important areas in which Engineers will work and help put Brighton University on the map to many potential employers. 

Previously we have visited the London Air Ambulance Facility on top of the Royal London Hospital, Futurebuild - an environmental construction showcase at the London ExCel centre and IrvinGQ, one of the main industry leaders for manufacturing parachutes and systems which allow vehicles to be dropped from aircraft. 


As the largest group of Engineering students in the University, the society is a great place to offer, ask for and recieve help with academic studies. 

Our members range from foundation year students, to those who have graduated and those who are working towards a PhD. As an inclusive society, we welcome any questions and encourage students to help other students where possible.

Society Members after visiting Futurebuild at the ExCel in London

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