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Islamic Society (Brighton)

The purpose of the Society is to represent the Muslim students at Brighton University and provide them with a comfortable environment to practice the Islamic faith. The Islamic society openly welcomes Muslims and non-Muslims alike to events and aims to create a warm, diverse community where faith can be appreciated as an important part of ones identity.

We aim to have charity fundraisers, particularly during the week of Islamic Relief's Charity Week in order to help raise money for orphans and the needy around the world. We also aim to have Islamic events, dinners and Quiz nights for students to relax in the comfort of University campus.

We will have meet ups to catch up and discuss important matters that affect muslims , as well as hold debates, discussions on the life of the prophets, and the good characters we can take from noble figures in Islam. 

Provided the space is available on time, we will be meeting in the Watts new prayer rooms and larger events will be held in Cockroft.



Our committee has been elected by the members of the society, to organise the running of the society. If you would like to be a committee member next year, look out for information about how to stand in February!

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