Loving The Planet (Brighton)

Loving The Planet (Brighton)


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This society intends to bring the concept created by the NGO Loving the Planet to Brighton. We intend to divulge the work done by other environmental NGOs, environmental projects, technological developments and their relevant achievements, following the Loving the Planet guidelines. This society will differ from other NGO societies by focusing on bringing different testimonials of people working in a varied range of NGOs/Environmental projects, instead of using traditional forms of awareness. We also aim to expand this concept nationwide by creating societies with the same purpose in other universities and have a strong presence in social networks.

Activities inculde-

the general agenda of our society:

*caring for both environment and animals(humans included) occupying it

*learning experience through awareness and problem solving

*personal development through acquiring better habits and interaction with each other via our activities and discussions

*long term goal-> introduce people to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle *  

*monthly based goals succeeded by weekly meetings

*each month will consist of 4 meetings:

~week 1: brainstorming ideas for activities 

~week 2: criticizing said ideas and debating pros and cons 

~week 3: solution design

~week 4: solution implementation     


Guest speakers
Documentary screening


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