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Sustainable Fashion Futures

Fashion does not work in a vacuum. We must work together and collaborate. SFF aims to cover and reimagine how we interact with the vital pillars that make up the fashion industry and its cycle; Creation, Distribution, and Disposal. As a collective, we have a range of creatives that specialize in these different fields and individually offer our own perspectives on them. We appreciate that environmentalism is an overwhelming topic and aim to remove that connotation by showing our local community how they can play a part in building a better future. Issues such as mass production and overconsumption plague the fashion industry. We want to make sustainability an accessible topic for all. Sustainability should not be divided by our class systems and should be available to all. Doing so will enable us to create dialogue amongst our peers and bring sustainability to the forefront of the university. In a green majority city, we feel as though the university does not match the forward-thinking of its surroundings and want to change that. With help from our diverse portfolio of group specialties, we aim to run events spanning a variety of topics as mentioned previously.


Our committee has been elected by the members of the society, to organise the running of the society. If you would like to be a committee member next year, look out for information about how to stand in February!

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