Welcome to the official University of Brighton Archery Club page! We are open to anyone and everyone interested in and passionate about archery, whether you have yet to try it or have been shooting for years. Archery is an incredibly inclusive sport, and many people can participate in archery for fun or competitively, regardless of their disability. As a club we welcome anybody who wants to try archery, and our committee members and coach are able to advise you on disabled shooting should anyone have any questions.

To join our club you need to have either passed our beginners course, or had previous archery experience. If you have had previous experience, one of our coaches will give you a brief assessment to ensure you are safe to join and shoot at our club. If you have previous experience and are interested in joining, please send us a message before you come to any of our sessions.

In our club you can enjoy a friendly and sociably atmosphere, along with excellent quality coaching to bring you past the beginners stage and help you reach higher levels of skill. We welcome anyone who wants to shoot, and are completely inclusive to any disabled students who wish to shoot. We compete in BUCS both in our indoor and outdoor season, and are also part of SEAL (South East Archery League). All are welcome to join us regardless of whether they wish to compete or not. 

Feel free to message any of us directly, or message us on this page using the link above, with any questions or for more information about joining the club.



Locations: Sports Centre, Falmer Campus

Type: Weekly sessions and ad hoc competitions

Details: We offer the chance for people to continue with archery whilst at the University of Brighton.

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Costs: £70 a year or opt to add gym access for £140. £2.50 match fee per match played.

Silver members access personal injury insurance, agreed BUCS fixture costs, training sessions with a qualified coach and access to strength and conditioning group sessions.

Buy your Sports Federation Membership here once you know you are taking part in club activities.




Click here to open our Sports Clubs first session guide. This will detail how to get involved in sports clubs at the University of Brighton. Some first sessions are trials and some are simply an open first session for you to give something a go.

You can take part in as many clubs as you like and can fit in. You only need to buy one membership which should be for the club that  requires the highest category membership. So if you do both a Bronze BUCS and Bronze Off-Site club then you just need a Bronze BUCS card. You only need to buy a membership if you are taking part in a BUCS fixture or you plan to continue to attend after the 31st October (whichever comes first). This gives you a great opportunity to try before you buy. Contact Sport Brighton if you have any questions.

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