Cheerleading (Waves) (Brighton)

Cheerleading (Waves) (Brighton)

The Brighton and Sussex Waves Cheerleaders are students that are linked between the University of Sussex and also the University of Brighton. The Waves was founded in 2006 when they started out cheering for the Brighton Tsunami American Football team. The girls at the time mainly focused on dance and entered many competitions from 2006 in contemporary style dance. It was from 2007 when the girls first started stunting, since then they have encouraged many males to attend training to lift there stunts to higher levels. We have competed in the Cheer division ever since and continue to grow and succeed as a squad. In 2010 we even had the opportunity to compete in the Partnerstunt division, and in 2017 Level 5 Group Stunt, showing how well the squad has risen to new challenges in the world of Cheerleading. We continue to train with our passion and spirit to further promote Cheerleading throughout the UK.




Locations: Sports Centre, Falmer

Type: Competitions and training

Details: We meet weekly to train for our competitions. We take part in a number of competitions in the year.

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Costs: £15 a year

Bronze Standard members can access personal injury insurance and club training sessions hosted by the university.

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