Food Coop

Brighton Food Coop offers weekly fruit & veg boxes to students and staff, whilst supporting local farmers and seasonal produce.

What We Do

The Food Co-op provides cheap, local and seasonal fruit & veg.  It is run by our Campus Team at each of the Students' Union Receptions who welcome student volunteers! All members are expected to contribute. Every little helps, with an hour from each member per month we can keep the Food Co-op running. Being part of a co-op is all about working together.

We supply weekly fruit & veg boxes sourced as locally as possible enabling students and staff to support and eat good food. The veg is ordered each week in bulk by staff and student volunteers and this means we can offer cheap veg by distributing the veg into boxes ourselves.

Fruit & veg boxes cost £4 each and vary every week according to what is available locally and seasonality. Staff and Volunteers take turns to order the produce , distributing into boxes to provide a low-cost box to its members. Food Co-op volunteers sell the veg boxes at Cockcroft, Falmer and Grand Parade campuses:

  • Grand Parade: Tuesdays from 12pm - 2pm, on the mezz floor in the Students' Union Office and very occasionally in the Sallis Benney foyer space
  • Falmer: Tuesdays from 1-2pm in Falmer SU/The Hive, Ringmer House
  • Moulsecoomb: Thursday, 12pm - 1:30pm, Brighton SU Reception. Cockcroft Building

Click here to view our recipe page for tasty, wholesome recipe suggestions 

Veg boxes need to be ordered in advance, don't forget to bring a bag to put your veggies in!

Falmer campus also sell dried wholefoods sourced from Infinity Foods co-operative, based in Brighton. You can buy cous cous, bulgar wheat, rice or quinoa much cheaper than usual as we buy in bulk. You do not need to pre-order to buy wholefoods, but don’t forget to bring a container!

How to join:
You can join at all Brighton Students Union Reception offices, pop in and talk to

  • Sarah at Grand Parade - Mezz... Grand Parade Main Building                     
  • Jenny at Cockcroft Reception. Moulsecoomb
  • Trudy at Falmer Reception. Ringmer House
  • Or email Sarah: for more info

Membership is £1 for an academic year, which enables you to join the buying group and order fresh veg, as and when you like and get a discount on the dry goods. As a member, you also get invited along to food related socials and chance to meet new people. As a member, you are asked to commit to a couple of hours a month helping order produce and hand out boxes. Find out more by attending a meeting.

Being part of the Food Co-op has lots of benefits as students are given real opportunities to lead their own co-op and take part in activities from cookery classes, photography, socials & events to celebrate and work with other co-ops & collectives to bring about positive change. 

Facebook: Join our facebook groups to keep updated with veg deliveries, recipes, socials & more!



What we strive to do:

  • Provide access to local and ethical foods to the University of Brighton community, sourcing organically grown and seasonal foods.
    Make these foods available at very competitive and affordable prices.
  • Engage the wider community in all our activities and extend access where possible, encouraging partnership working and learning.
  • Run the cooperative placing ethical, environmental and social responsibility as priorities over monetary profit.
  • To act as a facilitator for other food-related activities and exchanges between members of the community.
  • To create discussions around food and to foster the building of a community around a common love of good food, positive social change, and a sense of collective responsibility.


  • University of Brighton staff and students as well as community members can join the cooperative buying group.
  • Staff and students at the University of Brighton can join the food co-op as society members and participate in how its run.
  • All members stand as equal in the cooperative community and are encouraged to contribute to our common goals.


  • Membership can be obtained at a fixed minimal price and is valid for 12 calendar months
  • Members should contribute to the food co-op at least once a month (minimum 1hour). This can include communications, packing and sorting, organising events, cooking and much more. If members do not commit to their volunteering they will not be able to take part in the buying scheme.
  • There is no obligation to buy produce


  • Members’ events including food socials & workshops.
  • Access to training on running a co-op, food growing, preparation, selling etc.
  • Getting to know local producers
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • And having fun!