Student Mental Health

What We Do

Mood Boost!

Here at mood boost we aim to help improve students mental health and well being across the university. Each year we run Mood boost courses that are based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), this is a well used therapy within the field of psychology to improve mental health and wellbeing. The workshops are run for four weeks and give you a range of resources and techniques to help improve your mental health! Each year there will be a team of mood boost facilitators or as we prefer to call them Mood boost coaches! This is a team of students that are there to teach you the magical tools and techniques included in CBT. Mood boost most importantly is run by students for students, it is about all of us being able to help each other!

Your Mood Boost Team this year:

Moon Breed

Sarah Flux

Jordan Landsborough

Saffron Edghill

Rachel Sankey

Anisah Baureek

If your feeling stressed, worried or just need a pick me up look out for our mood boost workshops this year posted on our social media site and give us an email on: