LGBTQ+ Society- History Month Schedule

The events listed below are all from the Unviersity of Brighton's LGBTQ+ Society and are student-led events. 

Wednesday the 1st of February- Casual Social @ The Hive, Falmer : 6- 9pm

This will be the first of many socials throughout the month and will introduce the topic of LGBTQ+ History. A discussion will be had that highlights why looking back on our history is so important, and how we are still making history today. Games and other entertainment will be provided for the social, this will also be an ideal time for people to get clued up on the events to come. Casuals are a great time for people to come and de-stress. The emphasis is on socialising, but if people have any issues then one-to-one discussions can be had with any of the committee/reps.

Wednesday the 8th of February- Guided Walk around Brighton : Time To Be Confirmed

In order to provide insight into the LGBTQ+ History of Brighton, we will be having a guided walk highlighting prominent LGBT+ venues and their historical significance for our community. The walk will show the history of our community in Brighton with key details and insight being provided at each stop along the way. This event may be weather dependent so do check the facebook page/group for updates.

Thursday 9th of February- Murder Mystery Night @ The Hive, Falmer : from 6pm

The aim of this event will be to educate people on prominent historical figures in LGBTQ+ History through a Murder Mystery theme. An interactive murder mystery game will be taking place, with each character being a historical LGBTQ+ person. Each player will get details about their character, and these will be raised throughout the game. It gives people a chance to learn about our history in a fun and light-hearted way.

Sunday the 12th of February- Casual Social with a Film Showing @ The Hive, Falmer : 2pm – 5pm

The first film to be shown for history month will be Pride. Based on a true story, the film depicts a group of LGBTQ+ activists who raise money to help families affected by the British Miners’ Strike in 1984. A casual social will be running alongside this with games and general socialising. A discussion segment will be held in order for people to raise their thoughts and feelings on the film and the issue(s) is addresses. Again, if people would like one-to-one discussions about any problems then they committee/reps will be available to talk.

Monday the 13th of February- Uni v Uni Quiz @ The Hive, Falmer : 6-9pm

Brighton LGBTQ+ Society will be taking on Sussex LBGTQ+ Society in a quiz, testing all kinds of knowledge on a variety of topics. This will be held at The Hive with an opportunity to socialise after. Categories include Politics, Psychology and LGBT+ History.

Wednesday the 15th of February- Bake Sale with RAG : all day outside su reception moulsecoomb

As it is RAG month alongside LGBTQ+ History month, the LGBTQ+ society will be holding a bake sale in collaboration with RAG. All kinds of goods will be available with the proceeds going to a charity of each of the societies choice. Awareness will also be raised for both RAG month and History month with members of both societies being on hand to provide insight into the cause and to give details on upcoming events.

Thursday the 16th of February- FOMO @ Revenge : 9pm – 3am

Brighton LGBT+ Society will be heading to Club Revenge for FOMO, Revenge’s student night. Pre-drinks will be held before at Bar Revenge allowing for people to meet with the group before heading to the club around 11pm. Sussex LGBTQ+ society will also be attending with designated stewards wearing rainbow sashes in case of any problems. This is an alcohol neutral event, drinks will be available at both venues but there is no pressure to drink or stay out late.

Sunday the 19th of February- Casual Social with a Film @ The Hive : 2-5pm

The second film to be shown for history month will be a documentary on Marsha P Johnson who was an activist and veteran of the Stonewall Riots. A discussion segment will be held in order for people to express their views of the film and the topics it addresses. A causal social will be running alongside this with entertainment and an opportunity to socialise with the rest of the society. Again, the committee and reps will be on hand if anyone has any issues or would like to talk privately

Tuesday the 21st of February- Lazer Questing – 2pm @ lazer zone

By popular demand, the LGBTQ+ society will be going to Lazer Quest. Whilst not directly related to history month, this will allow for members to interact outside of a university setting and to just enjoy being students. People will have to pay for themselves, with the group meeting beforehand to ensure that no one gets lost.

Thursday the 23rd of February- Sports Day , Cockcroft : 5pm- 9pm

This will be a non-competitive sports day held indoors. The goal will be to invoke nostalgia of primary school sports day and to debunk the myth that LGBTQ+ individuals can’t participate in sport. Events will include sports like the sack race, egg and spoon race and a beanbag race. Committee members and reps will be around to ensure that people are happy and that any problems/injuries are properly dealt with.

Friday the 24th- Sunday the 26th of February- Student Pride

Student Pride 2017 is being held at the University of Westminster in London. Brighton LGBTQ+ Society will be attending with tickets being available from the society very soon. Students will be required to pay for their own accommodation and travel, assistance on what to book and where to book it will be provided by the society. We will be travelling down on the Friday evening with welcome drinks being hosted in the evening. Student Pride itself will be on the Saturday at 12pm with an opportunity to experience the London nightlife in the evening. We will be travelling back on the Sunday, times differing depending on each persons booked transport.

Sunday the 26th of February- Casual Social with a Film @ The Hive, Falmer : 2pm-5pm

This will be the final casual of the month with the film being Carol, an LGBTQ+ film about ‘a forbidden affair between an aspiring young photographer and an older woman going through a difficult divorce’. A discussion segment will be held after the film addressing both the film and a round off of the month. We’ll recap some of the best bits and ask for input from the society about what was good, improvements etc.

Tuesday the 28th of February- Blowout @ Revenge : 9pm – 3am

To finish off the month, Brighton and Sussex LGBTQ+ Society are hosting a Blowout at Club Revenge with a Drag theme. Pre-drinks will be held at Bar Revenge so that people can meet up with the group before the club opens. This as an alcohol neutral event, drinks will be available at both venues but there is no pressure to drink for anyone. Sussex will provide stewards wearing rainbow sashes who will be on hand if anyone has any issues.

Other details

  • At every event, we will be fundraising for 2 charities: The Albert Kennedy Trust and Mindout
  • There will be LGBTQ+ Literature Displays in the Libraries across all campuses. History month resources will be available along with LGBTQ+ Books/literature
  • A ’30 Days of LGBTQ+ History’ Campaign will be happening across social media, spotlighting a historical LGBTQ+ person/place/event each day